Scalping Strategy with Flow Data (Currently Testing)


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I took a short last Friday on BMY, along with other factors the options stats looked very bearish, there was a 900k put buy and general bearishness. I guess that's my flow data pitch in. Also GDS looked like a good buy with good flow.
I'll also add my market guess is SPY 270's by 7/1


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This is what MasterSteve wrote before about why they don't post directional positions @luiscervantes30
Hi @BoarTrades,

When we first started this watchlist we were tracking how successfully we could pick a direction the day before based on option movement during that day. As we went on, we realized that we were about 50/50 on that. We didn't want to give out the wrong information, so we decided to stop posting the expected move and just post the list of expected movers. We found that the best indication of a stock's movement is day of, in price action and option flow.

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