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Hi all,

This will be very similar to already existing indicators, but I was wondering if someone could put something together for me that plots lines based on the TIME to plot (e.g. plot line at 3:00p). The reason for this has to do with trading futures and grabbing prices at close/open of day can be off based on when the futures market is open. Hahn Tech has some time based auto drawings, but I can't quite figure out how to alter the code for this one.

1. Yesterday's OPEN
2. Yesterday's HIGH
3. Yesterday's LOW
4. Yesterday's CLOSE
5. Overnight HIGH
6. Overnight LOW
7. Today's OPEN

I've found these levels extremely useful for trading /ES / SPY, but the times of what I've found are off due to open and closes of the futures market being different.

Thank you!


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Can you explain this part. The plots seem doable but Not getting the quoted part.
Hey, sorry for the delay. So if we are looking at TOS futures, the "open" and "close" of markets are determined by the pit session for the day. We are not dealing with normal open and closes (9:30-4:00) due to this. So when we plot "open/close" then it autoplots based on the TOS data, but I want it to plot at 9:30 and 4:00.
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