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Leverage Brokers / No Pdt rule ?

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I was just getting ready to post about the delay in cash settlement. If you are trading stocks/ETFs in an account < $25K, you're going to have limitations whether it's cash or margin. You'll either be limited to 4 round-trip trades per week or you'll have to wait for cash settlement. The only way I know to get around it is to trade futures. If it's a small account, I'd recommend micros, especially if there are many false signals. If I wanted to bypass the PDT, I'd look at the micros and find an index or commodity micro market to follow and (in a paper trading account, of course!) test my strategy on that.

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I've read that some US people use offshore broker CMEG group. cmelitegroup.com
I know they have fees and I'm not profitable yet, so I have no experience with them personally