Re-create LazyBear Support/Resistance Indicator from TradingView?


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Hi everyone.

I was talking with BenTen today and was reminded about an indicator that I used in Tradingview for years (with much, much success) – the LazyBear ‘LB_RSRL’.

It’s basically a dynamic S/R indicator, but the magic is in its ability to alert up slowdowns and down slowdowns. The first link above will take you to a series of chart examples that include the LB_RSRL example – the green dotted lines are the plotted supports; the red dotted lines are the plotted resistances; and, the small (tiny) black arrows are the slowdowns.

Here’s the catch. This indicator was recently lost on Tradingview. If you know Lazybear, he was very active years ago designing tons of amazing indicators all with open access. The LB_RSRL and his MTF indicators were however, private and required a small subscription via the Tradingview Marketplace. Recently, Tradingview decided to close the Marketplace. Thus, the indicator was lost as a result.

The news gets worse, because as happens sometimes, Lazybear disappeared entirely a couple years ago.

So . . . the Treasure Hunt would be this . . . would it be possible to reverse engineer the indicator using the attached manual (with provides some detail and background logic) and some example screenshots?


Link to article:

@borntostun This is a CSA (Combined Signal Indicator) that has 7 distinct indicators in it. Without the source code it would have to be someones passion to build this. Check in here and then peruse through #14, hopefully you'll find something close.!404&authkey=!ABOXXFyQg1iUqFk&page=View&wd=target(03. Technical Analysis/Combined Signal|844ac924-ef07-4ea4-aee6-bd0d7d84ede0/Combined Signal Stop Lights|85fbdde7-3fef-40b6-9f3b-19559125cb5b/)
@borntostun Probably best place for you to look for all these pivot studies is on Johnny Quotron's OneNote repository. In the past 5 years, my recollections is that Mobius had posted more than 8-10 different pivot studies so have a look through there and see which version floats your boat. I believe @markos had posted the link several times here. I don't personally use that archive as I have a different source. Have fun out there.

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