Profit & Loss on a Position



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My question is about the "P/L Open" on the Monitor tab. to describe my scenario lets say I open a position on Monday for $100 and each day my position makes $10 in the "P/L day" column so on Friday I'm showing $10 in my "P/L/ Day" and $50 in my "P/L Open" but as soon as I close my position the "P/L Open" goes to $0.00. I would like to be able to just get any idea each day of what I made or lost. I know the positions go away overnight I would just like to see something at least at the end of the trading day to say I made $50 or I lost $50. I am wondering if this a missing column I can add or maybe a custom column that I could calculate it for a rough idea as where it is, I know there are fees I'm just looking for rough idea at the end of the day.

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