Pivot Significance Index for ThinkorSwim


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Hint: Measures time and price between pivots and uses that data to indicate how meaningful a pivot may be

Trading Notes - the higher the indicator values, the farther the distance between pivots

Both indicator lines at 1 indicate an area is farther than "normal" in both time and price from the most recent pivot. Look for white line as a place for trend to rest

Cyan line at 1 and Orange line at 0 indicate an area where price moved quickly. This "divergence" is the kind dip buyers would want to see

# Pivot Significance Index in 6-3-19 TSL
# v0.01
# 5.19.19
# Nube

     # Subscript used later 

script normalize{ 

    input h = high; 

    input l = low; 

    input c = close; 

    input x = 21; 

    def normalize = if Highest(h, x) - Lowest(l, x) != 0 

                    then (c - Lowest(l, x)) / (Highest(h, x) - Lowest(l, x)) 

                    else 0; 

    plot normalized = normalize; 


    # Inputs 

input pivotLength = 4; #hint pivotLength: Length for stochastic pivot 

input normalizationLength = 21; #hint normalizationLength: Length for normalization of time and price between pivots 

input alert = no; 

    # Variables 

def h = high;  

def l = low; 

def c = close;  

def nan = Double.NaN;  

def x = BarNumber(); 

def norm = normalize(h, l, c, pivotLength);  

        ## Pivot High 

def hh = if norm  crosses above .5 

         then h 

         else if h > hh[1] 

              then h 

              else hh[1]; 

def hpBar = if h == hh 

            then x  

            else nan; 

def hpBar_1 = if !IsNaN(hpBar)      

              then x  

              else hpBar_1[1]; 

def hpPrice = if !IsNaN(hpBar)  

              then h  

              else hpPrice[1];  

        ## Pivot Low 

def ll = if norm crosses below .5 

         then l 

         else if l < ll[1] 

              then l 

              else ll[1]; 

def lpBar = if l == ll  

            then x  

            else nan; 

def lpBar_1 =  if !IsNaN(lpBar)  

               then x  

               else lpBar_1[1];  

def lpPrice = if !IsNaN(lpBar)  

              then l  

              else lpPrice[1]; 

            ### Normalizing distance between pivots 

def bars  = hpBar_1 - lpBar_1; 

def price = hpPrice - lpPrice; 

def nBarsBetween  = normalize(bars, bars, bars, normalizationLength); 

def nPriceBetween = normalize(price, price, price, normalizationLength); 

    # Plots 


SignificantPivot = if !IsNaN(c) and nBarsBetween + nPriceBetween == 2 then 1 else nan; 




BarsBetweenPivots = if IsNaN(c) then nan else nbarsBetween; 



PriceBetweenPivots = if IsNaN(c) then nan else nPriceBetween; 


AddLabel(alert and SignificantPivot, "Significant Pivot", Color.White); 

Alert(alert and SignificantPivot, " Significant Pivot", Alert.Bar, Sound.Ring); 

declare lower;   

# f/ Pivot Significance Index
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I am having a "invalid statement at my 34:1 -" } " not sure what is going on. Is this statement correct?

Thank you!


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I placed the code into my editor and didn't see the problem. I then cleaned up some blank lines. @Jabbo please let me know if you still have problems. Markos

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