Multiple conditions in one scanner


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Hi guys, hope all is green in your world.
1. I am having trouble with a scan. I can't find the settings for finding; Day one: a 60 day(2 month) new high( yesterday). Day 2; todays range (high to low) must be equal to or greater than the last nine days. I have tried looking for ways to do this before on the scanner. Is this something that needs to be written out?
2. I have not worked with a +DI -DI indicator before. What is this indicator? I actually saw it on a chart. Like a band similar to Keltner and Bolls.
Thanks for any help on this. I do not know how to free code, only aper what's seen on other scripts. SOS!


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Answer to question #2: You must be talking about the DMI indicator. You can find it in your ThinkorSwim.

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THAT's it! Now you should play the piano with one finger (Jingle Bells) like Schroeder in Peanuts. Thanks Ben, you're always on top of things. :)

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