MTF accumulation distribution

I'm attempting to make a MTF accumulation distribution script. I can't seem to get it right. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.

My coding attempt:

declare lower;
input = {"1 min", "3 min", "5 min", "15 min", "30 min", "60 min", "120 min", "Daily"},

plot AccDist = TotalSum(volume * CloseLocationValue());
plot ZeroLine = 0;



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First start with an accumulation/distribution study, then define your aggregation period, and make a new part of the script which includes the aggregation period in the calculations.
I am trying to follow your instruction but i'm such a noob that I can't get it. I have the study and i'm trying to define the periods in a new part of the script to the best of my ability and then a sea of red invalid statements.


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Input your agg,,,,input agg = aggregationPeriod.DAY; then apply agg to the calculation variable you wish. (period = agg)
I think with your base study it will be difficult.

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