MACD, Chaikin Money Flow and Volume crawling up towards


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I was wondering if it is possible to show each (MACD, Chaikin Money Flow, Tradeline 9EMA and Volume crawling up on a upper chart and turn green when it crosses zero if applicable)? This is to take an entry position. Any Help or recommendation is greatly appreciated.

@bk74 There are one thousand two hundred and sixty posts about using the 9 ema on a chart. Search this forum. It is one of the easiest studies to add to a chart.
The other studies are oscillators they would not be appropriate on an upper study. You can scan for when all of these studies crosses OverSold or Zero to find a corral of potential stocks. Search the forum for the scanner of each of above studies. You will find lots of examples. Load all your examples into your scanner and you will get results for only those stocks where all the oscillators meet your criteria.

A "dashboard" is an advanced technique which will allow you to plot the status of all the oscillators on one lower study. While not difficult to write, putting many studies into one, creates conflicts which can be arduous for a beginning scripter to work out. To get comfortable watching dashboards and to see if any of the current ones might fit your needs, search this forum for dashboard.
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