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Login to ThinkorSwim using Proxy


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Is there any proxy server or settings which I can use for login into TOS Desktop app? I am not able to connect to TOS Desktop app, when I am connected to VPN on my computer. It always says, connecting and never connects. Once i disconnect VPN, TOS works fine, loads fine.

So I am looking for Proxy by which I can login using VPN as well.


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I knew there was a local install version of thinkorswim that does not have the Admin shield on it...I was shown this back when TOS was crashing awhile back. I do not remember what website I downloaded it from but the TOS IT keep it around to help them when there is trouble and it is supported for some Unix versions.


Maybe this is where I downloaded from??? Click on the Updating text while it is loading but never opening and a message panel will pop up...

What does it say???

I assume you found the settings wheel on startup before signing in, and proxy settings there not working? TOS' proxy configuration settings are inexplicitly incomplete. It's only going to work in a limited set of circumstances.


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@sandeep23 hey man. You can try using the Proxifier program. It is the easiest to use proxy changer, but I use fast residential proxies because I work for a company. You also can try to use this proxy, but I don't think it is suitable for such kinds of problems as yours. I hope my advice has helped you. Good luck to you!
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