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Leading/lagging indicator type list

I’m trying to put together a list of indicators based on category, and leading or lagging.

I really only want to trade with one of each type with maybe a couple exceptions, and I thought it would be handy to have this default list for whenever I want to confirm something to make sure I’m not using an indicator too similar.

For example moving averages are lagging trend indicators. The different categories that I understand experts agree on are trend, momentum, volatility, and volume. I’m having trouble figuring out how to classify some of the indicators as well as figure out some other common ones that might be missing on the list .. Below is what I have so far, some indicators are listed as both leading and lagging because I understand that this is the case for them:

Trend, leading: MacD, parabolic Sar, Schaff trend, market forecast

Trend, lagging: moving averages, MacD, market forecast

Trend, unattributed: ADX

Momentum, leading: stochastic, CCI, RSI, market forecast, stochRSI, rate of change, PMO

Momentum, lagging: market forecast

Momentum, unattributed: Chande Momo oscillator, Williams %R

Volatility, leading:

Volatility, Lagging: Bollinger bands, average true range, standard deviation

Volatility, unattributed: envelopes, volatility channels, volatility chaikin, projection oscillator

Volume, leading: chaikin oscillator, on balance volume

Volume, lagging: volume rate of change

Volume unattributed: money flow index, ease of movement, chaikin money flow, demand index, force index

So far I got most of my information from visual capitalist (finance visualization site), and I guessed at market forecast. Some other ones I don’t even know how to classify that I believe are leading indicators are donchian channels (prob volatility right?), fibonacci retracement, support/resistance levels, MarketSentiment, and put call ratio. I realize most of those aren’t strictly indicators per se, but for the sake of thoroughness I thought they should be included.

If anyone has ideas on the classification of some of these that would be great :) i’m surprised that the Internet didn’t yield more results for this kind of information.
I believe most indicators are lagging because they are based on previous DATA. However the way I think about it is if its based solely on averages than most of the time it will lag, if there is a level or a trend line then I consider it leading. Stochastics, RSI and oscillators are different because they have an overbought and oversold level. It also depends on how you use the indicator. For example if you look at moving average crossovers, than you are buying once the price crosses this can be considered lagging, but you if you are buying the support of moving average than it can be considered leading, because you see the level before anything happens. also it can all be arbitrary you know, what does leading and lagging mean? I guess if you look at the math behind the indicator it makes more sense.
Yes, I suppose it does depend on the context. There’s a lot of overlap with the classifications anyway, some people say relative strength and some people say momentum but they’re really referring to the same set of indicators. I was trying to find definite differences between each class because I have heard that you shouldn’t use more than one of the same kind on your dashboard as it’s basically replicating the same data, but I don’t really adhere to that because different lengths of the same indicators create a better picture anyway.
While we call it Soccer, the official name is Football. So it is when discussing indicators.
While on this forum and informally around the dinner table we may group indicators like this:

There is an official grouping of indicators:
Trend indicators
Volatility indicators
Momentum indicators
Cycle indicators
Market strength indicators
Support and resistance indicators
I believe the OP is primarily discussing trend and momentum

Trend has sub-groups.
Trend Following -- "most" moving averages fall in this group -- lagging
Trend Confirming -- RSI, " the support of moving average" -- these are leading.

The myth of oscillators:
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