Label that shows SPY DIA QQQ and their % difference from yesterday?


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Hello, I made 3 labels to have the SPY DIA and QQQ on top of my charts, which is really helpful for me, but I was wondering if there's way to have the % difference from yesterday for each of those in the same label or in another one right next to it. Any help would be immensely appreciated.


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Post what you have and then we can help you add on top of it.
Extremely simple, this is just the only thing that I have:

def SPY = Close ("SPY");
def QQQ = Close ("QQQ");
def DJI = Close("DIA");
AddLabel(Yes,"SPY: " + SPY, Color.Blue);
AddLabel(Yes,"QQQ: " + QQQ, Color.Blue);
AddLabel(Yes,"DJI: " + DJI, Color.Blue);

So it would be great just to have the % change from yesterday for each of those. Really new into coding so I have no idea on how to do this. I have been reading a lot trying to figure out, but I've only been able to find ways to display the % difference for the ticker of the chart that's showing.


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