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Its been a long time...


Welcome back. I hope you and the family are safe. (y) 💪

This long weekend is perfect for you to catch up :D
Hey there BenTen,

Thanks for the "Welcome back"...it's certainly good to be back :)

Yeah...the long weekend couldn't have come at a better time...

Have a great day...
@BenTen @HighBredCloud

After my unfortunately abrupt departure, due to unforeseen forces beyond my control, it is good to finally be back :) It looks like I'll have a lot of catching up to do, as the community appears to be thriving...

I hope this long overdue message finds all going well for you both...I look forward to your reply, if/when you have a moment to do so...

Duuude...! I am glad you're alive...Welcome Back! Certainly a lot has been going on since you left.
Hey there HighBredCloud,

Thanks so much for the "Welcome Back"...As Mark Twain so eloquently put it, "Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated!" 😌

I sure hope this reply finds your trading efforts being richly rewarded... :cool:

Looking forward to getting up to speed with respect to the "goings on" in the uTS Community since my hiatus...

Have a great day!
@netarchitech No problem! Not gonna lie I thought something bad happened to you...You went from being super active to being a ghost in a matter of a day. Glad you're back!

2020 has been a very interesting year thus far...Some of us, myself included, still wonder if we skipped over the murder hornets because it feels like we skipped the murder hornets. While others don't know how to feel about the astroid heading our way just in time for the 2020 elections...

ANYWAYS...I personally shifted my focus from indicators to now being on a mission to find stocks trending in one direction...Scanning for the "right stocks" to trade has become my newest obsession. I came to the conclusion that its easier to trade trending stocks in one direction as long as you're able to find them than finding the "holy grail" indicator. I hope that you're 2020 hasn't been disappointing and lived up to the hype.
@HighBredCloud Yeah, if I could've done things differently, I definitely would have...Life has a way of getting in the way of the plans I would prefer to make...

With that said, I must admit I haven't been paying too much attention to the Media or Murder Hornets or Asteroids, but they're on my radar now...Thanks for the "heads up"...

As far as trading philosophy goes, I am also gravitating away from Indicators and "Holy Grails". I find myself liking various applications of Relative Strength lately...I've also decided to focus on one trading vehicle at a time...currently /NQ...As a result, I find myself not only more focused, but more profitable...

How about you? Congratulations on switching gears from Indicators to scanning for the "right" Trending stocks...It sounds like it was the right move... (y)

Ultimately, for me, 2020 has been all about change, HighBredCloud...Since I try to maintain a positive frame of mind in the majority of situations I encounter, I would say 2020 has been neither disappointing nor hype...Looking forward to 2021...that is, if the Asteroid and/or the Murder Hornets don't get us first!
@netarchitech It is what it is...Although I do think that we as a community here on this forum should have some sort of a "buddy system" to check up on one another especially in these crazy times. At least for the active members that are not just the fly by users.

You probably did yourself a favor by not paying attention to the media...Real journalism is no longer practiced and news is no longer news just political activism. As my mother used to say...when I was a kid..."I'm gonna spank you into next year if you misbehave..." I sure wish that offer was still on the table. Can't wait to be done with this year as I see the people around me going crazy. Those of us that trade and or work form home are used to being at home...but that kind of lifestyle is not meant for everyone. People need to get back to what they were doing pre 2020 to restore any form or normalcy moving forward.

Anyways...RSI has also been my center of focus...I'd like to pick your brain a little and see what your thoughts are. I found that no matter how good your technical analysis are...the market is very unpredictable especially now. And it sure is a lot easier to trade stocks that are going in one directions rather than trying to force a trade from a static watchlist...unless such a watchlist scans for certain conditions that you're looking for.

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