Is there an equivalent to "declare zerobase" for lower studies?


I'm making a study for which the plot has a range of 0-100. By using declare zerobase, I can force the minimum y-axis value to be the minimum possible study value. But the y-axis extends to about 104 instead of stopping at 100, and I can't find any equivalent function for capping the maximum y-axis value in a lower study section, so that the y-axis height in the lower section stops at the maximum study value. Is there a way to do this?


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Not that I am aware of... I incorporate clipping to eliminate the issue... For example, in lower studies like Zscore if a value is greater than 3/-3 it gets clipped to 3/-3... If clipping isn't incorporated any larger values cause the entire study to be re-scaled to the point of negating the effectiveness of the indicator...

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