Is there a course to learn thinkScript?


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Anyone have advice on where to learn thinkScript? I made my account here because is a very interesting page / community. I want to know where I can find a course about thinkscript development. From zero to advance so I can start creating my own indicator for ThinkorSwim.

Thank you in advance to all.
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@nassau35 Unless you wish to be a professional coder, what BenTen said above, is the best way to learn. Find out something you would like to make or learn and then look it up in the Universe. Pay special attention to item number 2 once you enter the Universe of ThinkScript.
@BenTen Thanks a lot! For the supprot and so quick response! I definitely go to each option to lesrn more.

@kbtarl Thank you very much for this channel I will see this for sure!

@markos Thank you markos for the advice and support. I am student in programming full-stack and I think would be nice if I can do something usefull like all the tools I found in this website and share it. Now I am in my phone but, I will see it my laptop. Do you know if I can modify an indicator let say the reversal indicator that I saw in other part from this website ans try it to make it a scan and then share it here again? Do you would be any problem? Thanks a lot!
@horserider Definitely if you are new to coding, those topics are very good. If you are a coder in some other language, will be a quicker read but also put you in the right mindset to code like thinkscript wants (which is different than c/c++/c#, etc).

Another good way to learn is to read the code for existing studies.
@nassau35 thank you for being so polite. You are welcome to take any study and modify it to your benefit. The only thing that we would ask of you is to leave the original citation on top of the script so that everyone knows where it came from. Put your name and date underneath the original citation.

The advice you have been given regarding how to learn think script are all good. Some learn from reading while others learn from dissecting scripts that they have come across. I personally have learned the most from the Universe of Thinkscript in the tutorial section, as posted above.

A little background, as I know it to be, is that thinkscript is its own unique language that has its roots in Java. It was created as a new language by a number of Russian Programmers. There are many things that would be nice to have in this language but as I understand it, Arrays is the biggest one that hinders us from creating a more complex script.

Take your time learning how to be a trader/investor. Find one area that interests you and become proficient at it, whether it is daytrading, swing trading, position trading, or trend trading. There is a great big world out there that is easy to get lost in.

Where are you learning to trade from? What books have you read? Stick around, this is a great site. Good luck and could trading.
Can you please any tips on learning/mastering ThinkScript? From where to start and how to practice it. Any other tips based on individual learning experience. I've basic knowledge of computer.

I'd like to learn thinkscript and how to apply it to the thinkorswim platform. What is the best book or other source to learn from.
They recommend opening their site in OneNote. I use Macs. I downloaded the Mac version of OneNote but can't figure out how to open the site within that app. Is it possible to use OneNote on a Mac? Does it really even matter or can I just use it like a regular webpage?
@autoloader I have to say using the OneNote app on the Mac was a nightmare for me. It's much easier doing so on a Windows computer. Regardless, the app or on the regular web page should work.
I am a new member of the Forum but I have 6 years of experience in Forex I have an important question, please.

What is ThinkScript accurately?
  • Is it just about the back-test for indicators?
  • Or is it about back-test and automated trading as well? I mean, can we use ThinkScript for fully automated trading (like an expert advisor) for a real and demo account at Ameritrade?
Looking for assistance/guidance on coding the basic concept: I have coded a script to check for the previous days close and today's opening to determine if it opens higher or lower . If it opens higher there are a set of conditions to be performed and the same goes for if it opens lower. I reckon the next step is to determine what price is doing. Overall, I would like a chart label to provide and up to the minute or based off the chart timeframe status on where the price action is in relation to the volume (i.e. something to say that the price is going up or down and the volume is going up or down). Maybe even have an arrow to show up when price starts going up but the volume is less that 20% of the average for the day (which i am defining as low volume).
I am looking for a reference guide with syntax examples for ThinkScript. I can cut and paste stuff together but sometimes get stuck simply because the syntax isn't clear to me.

For example, looking to code something like this:

plot DOWN_ARROW if RSI(close[1], wilders, length) > 70 AND RSI(close[0], wilders, length)< RSI(close[0], wilders, length)>70 then ;

For example it would be good to see the detailed RSI command reference syntax so I can code this myself.
@MerryDay, thanks so much for the great suggestion in your link. I can usually code (=hack together) all sorts of stuff but it is super frustrating if you don't know the exact syntax and waste countless hours trying around.
I use Notepad++ myself for coding.

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