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As of 01/30/2020, all indicators from the Marketplace has been made available for FREE to everyone. You can get access to them here.

It's been a week since we launched Warehouse. A lot of constructive feedback has been coming in. Several members told me that they would love to sign up, but it's the monthly subscription that turns them off. People would rather pay a one-time fee instead of adding another automatic renewal to their mind.

You ask, and we listen.


Introducing Marketplace

useThinkScript Marketplace is a new way to discover and purchase indicators that extend your charting platform. No monthly subscription and only pay for what you want.

Find new indicators and add them into ThinkorSwim to improve your current setup or develop a new trading system.

Navigating the Marketplace

If you want a quick overview of what indicators are currently available for purchase, this page will do just that.

If you want to learn more about each specific indicator, check out our dedicated Marketplace category.

💁 We will be adding new releases to our Marketplace every week. If you don't find anything interesting yet, check back again next week :)

What about support?

You will be given access to post in our Marketplace category. That way if you have any questions, you can always ask. Be it setting up the indicator or adding a simple alert.

How is this different from Warehouse?

📝 This is our solution for those who dislike monthly subscription of any kind. It will not impact or affect members who have signed up for Warehouse.

Is this site going full premium now?

Not at all! In fact, just to be clear that our unreleased indicators will slowly be rolling out to everyone for free. By signing up to our Warehouse or purchasing from the Marketplace, you get instant access to the indicator before everyone else.

This comparison table will help:

Free membersWarehouse membersMarketplace
One (1) new indicator per weekThree (3) new indicators per weekOnly purchase what you want.
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