Ichimoku Trade Trend Confirmator for ThinkorSwim



This Ichimoku Trend indicator was developed by SyracusePro.

Just above the cloud bullish, below the cloud bearish, inside the cloud neutral. 26 periods ahead the cloud is painted predicting future move.
  • The chickou is the line that moves below or above price, so it confirms trades.
  • The kumo cloud is done by the crosses of Span A and Span B.
  • Kijun and Senkan also crosses, but you can have a red cloud with a price moving uptrend to cross it before cloud turns green, so some traders trade below the cloud some above it.

thinkScript Code

#=================== Ichimoku Trade Trend Confirmator ============#
#================ By Syracusepro, April 14, 2016 =================#
#================= Based in Ichimoku and Donchian ================#
#========== Best results if used with ALMA study set at 18 =======#
input Ten = 18;
input Kij = 52;
input LeadSpan = 104;
input Displace = 52;
input SpanOffset = 52;

input ssa = Yes;
input ssb = Yes;

def source = close;

declare upper;

script donchian {
    input length  = 20;
    plot topBand = Highest(high[1], length);
    plot bottomBand = Lowest(low[1], length);
    plot centerBand = (topBand + bottomBand) / 2;


plot Output = donchian();

def TS = donchian(Ten);
def KS = donchian(Kij);
def SpanA = Average(TS, Ten * 2);
def SpanB = donchian(LeadSpan);
def SpanAA = Average(TS, Ten * 2)[SpanOffset];
def SpanBB = donchian(LeadSpan)[SpanOffset];

plot p3 = if ssa and SpanA then SpanA else double.NaN;

plot p4 = if ssb and SpanB then SpanB else double.NaN;

addcloud(p3, output, color.red, color.green);

output.assignValueColor(if output >= p3 then color.green else if output <= p3 then color.red else color.orange);

assignPriceColor(if output >= p3 then color.green else if output <= p3 then color.red else color.orange);

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New member
@BenTen Love Syracusepro scripts. He used to post them in TOS' chat but haven't seen him in a long time. Where is he these days?

It says "Best results if used with ALMA study set at 18," but ALMA has more than one setting.
Should it be: Window 18. Sigma 6, Offset 0.85?

Thank you.


Active member
@john3 If want to use this I suggest to comment out bar colors and just put ALMA length at 18. You will then get something like this.