How to Use ThinkorSwim Stock Hacker Scans

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This video shows how you can use the Stock Hacker in ThinkorSwim with most of the indicators posted on this site. It allows you to scan for new signals on your chart.

In this specific video:
  • I used the RSI 2 indicator as an example
  • The timeframe was the Daily chart
  • Scan within 1 bar (which means the current day)
  • Scan for both up and down signals on the S&P 500 Watchlist

#Mobius for Marshall ed by Markos TSL 11:15am 1-2-18
  1. Use the Scan Wizard
  2. Select Add Study Filter
  3. Click the pencil next to "D" on the right side
  4. Delete Study
  5. Add Condition
  6. Add Study
  7. Scroll to DIPlus (or your study) and add
  8. Center Column click Greater Than (or your study)
  9. Right Side Click Add Study
  10. Scroll to DIPlus (or your study)and click Offset1 (or your condition)
  11. Set Aggregation Period
  12. Select the Scan In List
  13. Select the Intersect with List
  14. Scan
More tutorials on how to use the ThinkorSwim Scan tab can be found here:
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Hey everyone, I am totally drawing a blank. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to load a scan or watchlist after I upload the TOS code into TOS. Can anyone help?

Sorry, I am sure this is remedial, but cant figure it out


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Hi @BenTen, when we configured an indicator for a scan, may i know in the scan setup, what does the condition " as value" mean and compare to what u mentioned above? thanks


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How to scan for stocks based on symbol's description? For example i want to use the scan function to search for stocks that contain the word "Acquisition" in the description field.


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Hi, I am new to here with question that has been bothering for a while. I noticed that TOS alert scan on HOURLY chart starts on 9:00AM (like the chart on mobile TOS, other than 9:30am on TOS desktop version (no extended hour chart). On many occasions, the alert is not accurate due to this variance. Is there a fix? Thanks.


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I'm sorry not clearly explained. Under TOS platform, I created scanning with conditions such as CDMA crossover etc.
As for real-time scanning, is there any way to automated executing such scan rules instead of pressing SCAN button for scanning every defined period for example say every 5 min or any time duration user could define?
Or TOS platform didn't design such way to automated scanning functionality?


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If you save the scan with a name you can open a watchlist of the scan and view its results. The scan watchlists update every 3 minutes.


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@Razor_Morozumi In addition, if you setup an Alert for scan changes it will run in the background without needing to be displayed anywhere... You will simply get Alert Messages for the symbol(s) meeting the criteria... You can also set the Alert to notify when any symbol(s) no longer meet the criteria...

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