How to delete current day trendlines


New member
I currently use the "remove old drawings" option but I cannot delete the current day trendlines drawn and also delete all lines on all charts at once, versus one at a time. Is there a script available to get this accomplished? I'm also having an issue with deleting them on different charts, I've talked to TOS about it but they don't seem to understand the issue. So I have several detached active trader charts and I try to use the "remove old drawings" on those with none available to delete. I go to my main active trader page and I can delete them there just fine. Unfortunately, this is very random, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. At first, I thought it had to do with which chart I drew the trendline on, but that is not the case. I also see that if I change the color or I draw a diagonal trendline, they don't get deleted at all no matter what the age of the line. Thanks for any help.

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