GetPointOfControl() to reference VPOC, VAH, and VAL


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I have an indicator that shows the volume profile for each day, but I would like to access the previous day's VPOC, VAL, and VAH specifically so I can perform calculations to compare them to the current day. Could anyone help me figure out how to do this? Is it possible to specify a time period when using GetHighestValueArea() and GetPointOfControl()? Or would it require something more complicated?

This is the script I use for the daily volume profiles. I tried to see if I could modify the code to store the value of a specific day, but it's beyond my skill level.

input aggregationPeriod = AggregationPeriod.DAY;
input length = 1;
input displace = -1;
input showOnlyLastPeriod = no;

input pricePerRowHeightMode = {default AUTOMATIC, TICKSIZE, CUSTOM};
input customRowHeight = 1.0;
input timePerProfile = {default CHART, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, "OPT EXP", BAR};
input multiplier = 1;
input onExpansion = yes;
input profiles = 1000;
input showPointOfControl = yes;
input showValueArea = yes;
input valueAreaPercent = 70;
input opacity = 50;

def period;
def yyyymmdd = getYyyyMmDd();
def seconds = secondsFromTime(0);
def month = getYear() * 12 + getMonth();
def day_number = daysFromDate(first(yyyymmdd)) + getDayOfWeek(first(yyyymmdd));
def dom = getDayOfMonth(yyyymmdd);
def dow = getDayOfWeek(yyyymmdd - dom + 1);
def expthismonth = (if dow > 5 then 27 else 20) - dow;
def exp_opt = month + (dom > expthismonth);
switch (timePerProfile) {
case CHART:
    period = 0;
case MINUTE:
    period = floor(seconds / 60 + day_number * 24 * 60);
case HOUR:
    period = floor(seconds / 3600 + day_number * 24);
case DAY:
    period = countTradingDays(min(first(yyyymmdd), yyyymmdd), yyyymmdd) - 1;
case WEEK:
    period = floor(day_number / 7);
case MONTH:
    period = floor(month - first(month));
case "OPT EXP":
    period = exp_opt - first(exp_opt);
case BAR:
    period = barNumber() - 1;

def count = CompoundValue(1, if period != period[1] then (count[1] + period - period[1]) % multiplier else count[1], 0);
def cond = count < count[1] + period - period[1];
def height;
switch (pricePerRowHeightMode) {
    height = PricePerRow.AUTOMATIC;
    height = PricePerRow.TICKSIZE;
case CUSTOM:
    height = customRowHeight;

profile vol = volumeProfile("startNewProfile" = cond, "onExpansion" = onExpansion, "numberOfProfiles" = profiles, "pricePerRow" = height,           
"value area percent" = valueAreaPercent);
def con = compoundValue(1, onExpansion, no);
def pc = if IsNaN(vol.getPointOfControl()) and con then pc[1] else vol.getPointOfControl();

#Added to find previous day point of control
def testpc = vol.getPointOfControl()[1];

def hVA = if IsNaN(vol.getHighestValueArea()) and con then hVA[1] else vol.getHighestValueArea();
def lVA = if IsNaN(vol.getLowestValueArea()) and con then lVA[1] else vol.getLowestValueArea();

def hProfile = if IsNaN(vol.getHighest()) and con then hProfile[1] else vol.getHighest();
def lProfile = if IsNaN(vol.getLowest()) and con then lProfile[1] else vol.getLowest();
def plotsDomain = IsNaN(close) == onExpansion;

plot POC = if plotsDomain then pc else Double.NaN;
plot ProfileHigh = if plotsDomain then hProfile else Double.NaN;
plot ProfileLow = if plotsDomain then lProfile else Double.NaN;
plot VAHigh = if plotsDomain then hVA else Double.NaN;
plot VALow = if plotsDomain then lVA else Double.NaN;

#added label to show label
#addLabel(yes, POC[1] );

DefineGlobalColor("Profile", GetColor(1));
DefineGlobalColor("Point Of Control", GetColor(5));
DefineGlobalColor("Value Area", GetColor(8));"Profile"), if showPointOfControl then globalColor("Point Of Control") else color.current, if showValueArea then       
#globalColor("Value Area") else color.current, opacity);
POC.SetDefaultColor(globalColor("Point Of Control"));
VAHigh.SetDefaultColor(globalColor("Value Area"));
VALow.SetDefaultColor(globalColor("Value Area"));

#addlabel(yes, testpc);


New to ToS is this DataProfile function, has anyone tried anything with it yet? This looks to be a really great addition that will allow for some awesome indicators to come about. I already can see some adaptions with the RSI one that's included

declare lower;
def rsi = reference RSI();
def condition = GetYear() != GetYear()[1];
profile CustomProfile = DataProfile(data = rsi, onExpansion = no, startNewProfile = condition);
plot POC = CustomProfile.GetPointOfControl();

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