Generate a conflict zone


Hi, I wanted to know if someone can help me create an indicator.
I am simply interested in generating a box in my chart, that is, the parameters that generate the box would be the highest point and the lowest point of the previous session.
The highest point can be defined by three conditionals.
The price for the last hour of the session, or the SMA200 or the SMA20 ... whichever is higher will be the ceiling of the box.
The lowest point can be defined by the lowest price of the last session hour, or the SMA200 or SMA20 ... whichever is the lowest will be the base of the box.
The idea would be to paint the box with a shading and that the box is regenerating day by day.
This I am looking for can be done at thinkorswim?


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@jcga1981 Sure, it can be done. But not without a pile of coding and a case of JD. I don't drink like that so hopefully someone can help further.
The best I can do is have you look up Fractal Boxes in the search bar. There may be others. Good luck.