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First person shooter game trading concept?


New member
Hi, ok I been trying to find the post a quesition part for a 30 minutes, here is good as any...

ok so I not really that good at coding, but this idea poped into my head, about how correlating the idea of the stock market movement,
with aimbots hacking code in first person shooter games.

photo #1.
photo #2
photo #3

The idea is using vectors in calculus to predict the aiming and coordinates for you

photo #4

photo #5

how that related to the trigonometry in math
photo # 6

photo #7

photo #8

so by using the hacking cheating code of a first person video game, won't we get the perfect projecting range of a stock based on it
support and projecting range using the implied vol, and the number of movement periods?


New member
because when I looked at the technical analysis tools and I found the Michael Jenkins indicator... it looked similar to photo #6, but it need to be in 3 D not 2 D..

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