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Find the most viable stocks before starting the market


Hi, could you please provide me with a scan type script, which I look for in the last 15 minutes before opening the market, the most viable stock (s) to enter a call or put operation, the idea is to make the most of the first hour of the market.

Eg. 30Nov2020: Take advantage of moves like AMD, APPL and ROKU ...
Eg. 01Dic2020: Take advantage of movements like those of FB, NFLX, MU, FOX ...



okey, excuseme Ben,

1. Search for gold nuggets in premarket
2. Timeframe scanners: 4H, 1H, 30M, 15M, 5M
3. I like to use the premarket because it helps a lot for the indicators to show the trend, I would like to please help me with a scan type script that can also be used in the Watchlist to look for this type of signals, I have realized that 30 minutes before The bell rings when the market is defined, the scan that you give me I can adjust in the Watchlist in times of 4H, 1H, 30M, 15M and 5M to have a guide of which is the best stock

As you see, I use several studios, but the idea is to work with as few windows as possible.

* The ideal is to have the union of several studies in a single script :giggle:

One of the studies I use is: "Harmonics And Fractals v03_Mcdon" to check inputs and is very god, but I don't have a scanner for this studio.

This is the "TMOWithHigherAggregation" strategy, works great too

Line S1 is the study "Wolf Waves Trend line Breakouts Indicator"

This is the Watchlist that I would like to have

Thank you very much ;)


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@hexis777 The backtesting you display in your post is not valid for Harmonics, wolf waves, zig-zags, etc. because they repaint. Meaning they erase all the false signals that were generated.

And the TMO is an Oscillator; to use it as for entry and exits means assuming it will hit those points and it won't necessarily. TMO is an invaluable and a great tool but needs to be paired w/ a strategy, preferably one that doesn't repaint. HTH

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