Find the most viable stocks before starting the market


Hi, could you please provide me with a scan type script, which I look for in the last 15 minutes before opening the market, the most viable stock (s) to enter a call or put operation, the idea is to make the most of the first hour of the market.

Eg. 30Nov2020: Take advantage of moves like AMD, APPL and ROKU ...
Eg. 01Dic2020: Take advantage of movements like those of FB, NFLX, MU, FOX ...

You need to list out the specific conditions and patterns that you're looking for. We can't help without knowing what it is what you need to scan for.

Quick suggestion: take a look at the opening range breakout indicator. Sounds like momentum trading in the first hour is what you're aiming for.

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okey, excuseme Ben,

1. Search for gold nuggets in premarket
2. Timeframe scanners: 4H, 1H, 30M, 15M, 5M
3. I like to use the premarket because it helps a lot for the indicators to show the trend, I would like to please help me with a scan type script that can also be used in the Watchlist to look for this type of signals, I have realized that 30 minutes before The bell rings when the market is defined, the scan that you give me I can adjust in the Watchlist in times of 4H, 1H, 30M, 15M and 5M to have a guide of which is the best stock

As you see, I use several studios, but the idea is to work with as few windows as possible.

* The ideal is to have the union of several studies in a single script :giggle:

One of the studies I use is: "Harmonics And Fractals v03_Mcdon" to check inputs and is very god, but I don't have a scanner for this studio.

This is the "TMOWithHigherAggregation" strategy, works great too

Line S1 is the study "Wolf Waves Trend line Breakouts Indicator"

This is the Watchlist that I would like to have

Thank you very much ;)
@hexis777 The backtesting you display in your post is not valid for Harmonics, wolf waves, zig-zags, etc. because they repaint. Meaning they erase all the false signals that were generated.

And the TMO is an Oscillator; to use it as for entry and exits means assuming it will hit those points and it won't necessarily. TMO is an invaluable and a great tool but needs to be paired w/ a strategy, preferably one that doesn't repaint. HTH

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