Find stocks up more than 40%


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Searched for a scanner that does this with no luck here or on google. No TOS studies to edit to achieve this either.
If Daily >= 40% And Last Price is < Open price scanner
Basically looking for a scanner that finds tickers up >=40% And current ticker price is less than the Open price.
Any help would be great.

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Yes up from previous close. Yet, last price below daily open.
So the price opens gapped up 40% from yesterdays close and then has subsequently dropped to below that opening price...??? Or anytime during the trading session that the price is up said 40% and then drops below open...??? The devil is in the details as I previously hinted... 💡


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Could anyone code this? Doesn't seem too hard compared to the other scripts on here.

You know the logic so roll up your sleeves and show us you can do it... No time to learn like the present... I'm too busy with my own coding at the moment... After all, you said yourself it doesn't seem hard... 💡


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Price opens gapped up 40% from previous close. Than anytime thoughout the day, the price dips below the open.
you can scan for 40% from higher than previous close using the pre defined built in tos scanner parameters (not to mention there are plenty of gap scans on this forum if you search the forum)

and for the 2nd half of your scan you can make close (which is the current price) is less than open using the condition wizard or by using close<open

i would post the code for you but this is so simple and already researchable, if you are going to be successful in trading you will have to be comfortable reading, learning, and lots of researching, i believe with about 15-25 mins of research and testing you should be able to find/accomplish what you are looking for. Your issue appears to have more to do with learning the platform than writing the code. Explore the built in TD scans and also learn the basics of condition wizard.

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