Filt 11 Indicator from John Ehlers for ThinkorSwim - my version

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Thanks. You are both correct, I have updated the original post with both versions. I find the mistaken version better for a trend change indication, this was my original intention of searching today. I am looking at how well it takes the "meat" of the big moves, if you combine the 2 backwards ones as a trend filter seems to work as well as anything I have seen, if SSF is below the SMA one look for short entries, and vise versa.

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Has anyone attended John Ehlers workshop? I didn't realize he was retiring after this one. Have read his books in the past and have got very unique insights so far. Wondering how I can learn the workshop items.
I set this up with a 21 ma on the smooth and normal and a stock macd, was only going long on 15min or 1 hr time frame when both had a crossover, exited trade on my own p/l thresholds, it went 4 for 5 this week.
Use them the same way you would use a moving average or inset them into a input/output of another indicator to smooth out the response and roof the lower frequency data.

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