Yes... Curious for this myself... I know you can see this in Active Trader and I also know you can add this as a column on a watchlist, but I don't know a way to maybe add it as a label on a chart or use for think script for a strategy etc...

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Crazy this isnt possible.... It's quite annoying to run a dollar loser short scan in the rush of the first 30 min at open and sort by biggest losers, then have HTB's and ETB's mixed in.
Figured it would be as simple as a line like "AND HTB/ETB = "ETB".
Agreed... Spoke with a TD tech recently about this and he said that all programming for anything TOS related was currently on hold pending
Charles Schwab merger. Whats even more frustrating is that it CAN be a a watchlist column... so the fact that the logic is clearly there in AT or as a watchlist column makes it even more frustrating to display in a chart or a scan.
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there is a etb/htb tab in the watchlist column area. I just ran across it today....

I just loaded it up and it tells you in your watchlist if its ETB/ or HTB..... I am actually so glad i found this bc now i can actually find shares to short from time to time that is moving and isnt a large cap....
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Yes... which is why it’s frustrating you can’t use it in thinkscript or for a scan already... I mean clearly the code is there as they make ir available as a watchlist column. It’s actually only watchlist column I know they have available which isn’t also a variable or function they have available as a scanning filter etc...
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We write a lot of custom strategies and so I have explored any and all methods I know to check... The closest I found was someone who created an API integrating with TD Ameritrade and he has it as an item that is retrieved...

Problem for us is that even if we got the data, TD Ameritrade doesn't allow external data to be imported into their system for integration... so doesn't help us much. Its unfortunate as I think until merger is over no more software updates someone on their team told me a few weeks ago. From a lot of searches it looks like people have been requesting this since like 2006 haha :)
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