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Enhanced VWAP Indicator for ThinkorSwim


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There are five steps in calculating VWAP:
  1. Calculate the Typical Price for the period. [(High + Low + Close)/3)]
  2. Multiply the Typical Price by the period Volume (Typical Price x Volume)
  3. Create a Cumulative Total of Typical Price. Cumulative(Typical Price x Volume)
  4. Create a Cumulative Total of Volume. Cumulative(Volume)
  5. Divide the Cumulative Totals.
VWAP = Cumulative(Typical Price x Volume) / Cumulative(Volume)



thinkScript Code

# VWAP with period
# Assembled by BenTen at useThinkScript.com
# Converted from https://www.tradingview.com/script/rSTNnV6B-VWAP-with-period/

input cumulativePeriod = 14;
def typicalPrice = (high + low + close) / 3;
def typicalPriceVolume = typicalPrice * volume;
def cumulativeTypicalPriceVolume = sum(typicalPriceVolume, cumulativePeriod);
def cumulativeVolume = sum(volume, cumulativePeriod);
def vwapValue = cumulativeTypicalPriceVolume / cumulativeVolume;

plot warp = vwapValue;


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Ben could you add the feature for this vwap where it changes colors with the slope of price, up green and down red?


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yes, perfect, thanks for the reply, are you familiar with MTF im having an issue connecting the dots maybe you can help, cheers


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Im trying to get the MTF fro the premier stochastic i tried the last few days but couldn't get it completed, i can post the code if you would like


Can someone help me developing a strategy. I am using that as a study right now. I just like a signal when input cumulativePeriod = 3 crosses input cumulativePeriod = 13 upside and downside + one candle. It would really great if someone could make this a strategy. Thank you very much in advance.
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