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Does anyone have the code for the Directional Volatility & Volume Oscillator? I saw this posted on the Trade Algorithm YouTube site the other day and it looks very interesting.
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as requested.

Release note:
An oscillator that manages to display the direction of volatility and volume in a single indicator. This allows viewing the trend in concert with the volume strength. Thus a trader can check if the price movement has volatility and volume behind it or not.

#/ This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at
#// © PuguForex 2021
#indicator('Directional Volatility and Volume')
# Converrted and mod by Sam4Cok@Samer800 - 12/2022
declare lower;
input EnableBackgroundColor = yes;
input ColorBar            = no;
input src = close;
input VolatilityPeriod = 4;     #  'Volatility period'
input VolatilityMethod = AverageType.HULL;  # "Volatility smoothing"
input VolumePeriod     = 14;    #  'Volume period'
input VolumeMethod     = AverageType.HULL;  # "Volume smoothing"
input ZonePeriod       = 14;    #  'Zone period'
input ZoneMethod       = AverageType.HULL;  #  "Zone smoothing"

def na = Double.NaN;
def pos = Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;
def neg = Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;

#--- Color
DefineGlobalColor("exUp" , CreateColor(0,179,0));
DefineGlobalColor("up"   , CreateColor(0,104,0));
DefineGlobalColor("exDn" , CreateColor(255,5,68));
DefineGlobalColor("dn"   , CreateColor(133,0,33));
DefineGlobalColor("volUp" , createcolor(173,216,230));
DefineGlobalColor("volDn" , CreateColor(230,173,188));

def zeroLine = MovingAverage(ZoneMethod, hl2  , ZonePeriod);
def val      = MovingAverage(VolatilityMethod, close, VolatilityPeriod) - zeroLine;
def znUp     = MovingAverage(ZoneMethod, high , ZonePeriod) - zeroLine;
def znDn     = MovingAverage(ZoneMethod, low  , ZonePeriod) - zeroLine;

def vol      = if close > open then volume else -volume;
def volSm    = MovingAverage(VolumeMethod, vol, VolumePeriod);

def upBr     = Crosses(val, znUp, CrossingDirection.ABOVE);
def dnBr     = Crosses(val, znDn, CrossingDirection.BELOW);
def movAvg   = MovingAverage(ZoneMethod, val, ZonePeriod);
def volatColor = if val > znUp then 1 else
                 if val < znDn then -1 else 0;# :
def ZoneColor = if volSm > 0 then 1 else if volSm < 0 then -1 else 0;
#--- PLots

plot VolumeUp = if volatColor>0 then na else znUp;    # 'Volume Up'
VolumeUp.AssignValueColor(if ZoneColor>0 then GlobalColor("volUp") else
                          if ZoneColor<0 then GlobalColor("volDn") else Color.GRAY);
plot VolumeDn = if volatColor<0 then na else znDn;    # 'Volume Dn'
VolumeDn.AssignValueColor(if ZoneColor>0 then GlobalColor("volUp") else
                          if ZoneColor<0 then GlobalColor("volDn") else Color.GRAY);

plot Volatility = val;    # 'Volatility'
Volatility.AssignValueColor(if volatColor>0 then
                            if val>val[1] then GlobalColor("exUp") else GlobalColor("up") else
                            if volatColor<0 then
                            if val<val[1] then GlobalColor("exDn") else GlobalColor("dn") else Color.GRAY);

#--- Signal
AddChart(high = if upBr and src>movAvg then pos else na,
         low = neg,
         open = pos,
         close = neg,
         type = ChartType.CANDLE, growcolor = CreateColor(0,78,0));
AddChart(high = if dnBr and src<movAvg then pos else na,
         low = neg,
         open = pos,
         close = neg,
         type = ChartType.CANDLE, growcolor = CreateColor(78,0,0));
#--- Bar Color
AssignPriceColor(if !ColorBar then Color.CURRENT else if volatColor>0 then
                 if val>val[1] and src>src[1] then GlobalColor("exUp") else GlobalColor("up") else
                 if val<val[1] and src<src[1] then GlobalColor("exDn") else GlobalColor("dn"));
# Background color
AssignBackgroundColor(if !EnableBackgroundColor then Color.CURRENT else if volatColor>0 and src>movAvg then CreateColor(1,25,16) else if  volatColor<0 and src<movAvg then CreateColor(38,0,0) else Color.CURRENT);

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