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Hey all,

Ive been playing around with custom watchlists here lately.

my question is why are some of these labels correct and others not.

Was thinking if I have a cross down then it should be red, but not the case in all


Below is the code im using

Thanks yall

def EMA4 = ExpAverage(close, 4);
def EMA8 = ExpAverage(close, 8);
def EMA13 = ExpAverage(close, 13);
def EMA50 = ExpAverage(close, 50);

def bullish = EMA4 crosses above EMA13 within 3 bars;

def bearish = EMA4 crosses below EMA13 within 3 bars;

AddLabel(bullish, "Cross Up",;
AddLabel(bearish, "Cross Down",;
AddLabel(!bullish and !bearish, " ",;

AssignBackgroundColor(if bullish then else if bearish then else;


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I think it may be my look back period. Roku for instance DID cross down 3 bars ago, but has since crossed back up.

This may be why i have a cross down label with a green background.


If someone can confirm this, that would be great

Thanks again yall