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I have about 10 custom studies that show up in the "Edit Studies and Strategies" window under the Charts tab. I have some of these studies open on lower chart windows and these seem to plot functions as expected. One lower window is a boolean "hit" criteria that I set up and tested for use as a column sort for a Watchlist. That custom study operates as designed with (true/false) output to flag stocks as long entry candidates as seen in a lower chart window. However, when I go the Watchlist and attempt to select that study as a sort for a list of candidate stocks, it does not show up when I scroll through the listing of available studies. In fact, I do not see any of my custom studies listed. I can close the watchlist and go back to charts and open the "Edit Studies and Strategies" window, and all my custom studies show up and are available for use as lower window studies. My custom studies are not accessible as a column sort in a Watchlist. However,the TOS standard studies show up for selection as a sort function in a Watchlist column.

I did have one study that was flagged as too intensive when I tried it as a Watchlist sort function. However I deleted it from the Watchlist column. After that, no custom studies are available in the Watchlist.


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Your indicator doesn't get added to your list of custom watchlists. You have to create one for each of your custom indicators.


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@tatrader Look under User Defined Studies... For a Watchlist, first you need to select Custom Quotes from the column name drop-down and then Edit it... There should be topics on how to do this rather than me doing and entire rewrite... Otherwise, check the Thinkorswim Learning Center...

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Thanks for the advice. I was able to cut and paste the study already set up and tested in a chart lower window with just one "plot", a boolean true/false output to flag candidates into a custom sort column in the Watchlist.

Appreciated. Somehow I forgot that custom sort scripts had to be separately put into a custom sort in the Watchlist.

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