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Custom Scan - VWAP + Momentum Oscillator


New member
Hi - I'm new at this and was hoping someone could help me figure out if what I'm trying to do is possible and if so, where I'm going wrong. I'm intraday trading. Using indicators for VWAP cross and Momentum Oscillator (LazyBear's Intraday Momentum Index). I'm trying to set up a scan (and alerts) for a narrow time frame where the VWAP cross and the Momentum Oscillator's "imi_ob" (Yellow Dot) occur within close proximity of each other (see the blue rectangle on the screenshot). Ideally, I'd like to catch the yellow dot(s) on a steeper upwards swing above the midline, but at this point, I'll settle for anything close. I'm including screenshots (hopefully they show up). If not, I'm using: Intraday_momentum_oscillator()."imi_ob" is true within 8 bars and PriceCrossVWAP()."vwapValue" is true within 8 bars". I also don't know what to set the time aggregate to. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!




Staff member
What issue do you have with the scanner? Inaccurate result? It appears that you have extended hours enabled for your chart but not for the scanner. Make sure the settings are aligned. Choosing the timeframe is entirely up to you. If you want to scan for signals on the 5 min chart, then you would select 5m under the dropdown menu.


New member
It didn't seem to be providing accurate results. I aligned the times to 5min and removed EXT hrs and it seems to be working now. I can run the scan manually and it pulls up a list of 145 stocks. I'll need to narrow it down. It seems to return stocks that had this trigger, but many are from hours ago. I guess I'm misunderstanding the 5m option. I was looking to try to get as close to real-time as possible.

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