Create a horizontal drawing, then remove it once price hits it


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Hi, I use Friday's high/low as the opening range for the next week. Based off the Friday's high/low I create extension lines (ie. a percent times the range above and below). I'm interested in automating it so that once price hits one of these levels they vanish from the charts. This will keep extensions on chart from previous weeks that haven't been hit yet. Does anyone know of a way to do this?


While it's true that this is not possible (as stated by @rad14733), there is a workaround.

Step 1: Hover to the price level of your choice > right-click > "Create alert..."

Step 2: In the "Create Alert on Price" screen, configure if you want to get notified for price crossing above or below the particular price.


Step 3: Hit Create.

Step 4: Now, you should see the yellow horizontal alert line on your chart. Once the stock price hits the condition you set in Step 2, the line will disappear.


I hope that helps.


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Thank you @BenTen for the detailed reply. I use alerts extensively, however I need it done as a script because I have a large watchlist with automated signals and I need to be able to flip through them quickly

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