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Combo Williams Vix Fix Indicator for ThinkorSwim


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Here is the initial port of Combo Williams Vix Fix (Twin version) to ToS, as per requested by @Ken_Adams.



#Combo Williams Vix Fix (Twin version) to ToS
# capissimo
# 2020.04.22 1.0 @diazlaz - Initial Port/interpretation 
# https://www.tradingview.com/script/tVtxISLu-combo-williams-vix-fix-twin-version/
#This is a very powerful Williams' Vix Fix indicator.
#My implementation of this wonderful indicator features both up and down movements.
#Both up & down flavors have two versions (fields tp and tp2, each having two values).

declare lower;

input tp = 1;     #VixFix UP [1,2]
input tp2 = 1;    #VixFix DN [1,2]
input pd = 22;    #LookBack Period Standard Deviation High/Low
input bbl = 20;   #Bolinger Band Length
input mult = 2.0; #Bollinger Band Standard Deviation Up/Dn
input p = 60;     #LookBack
input lb = 50;    #Look Back Period Percentile High/Low
input ph = 0.85;  #Highest Percentile
input pl = 1.01;  #Lowest Percentile
input hp = yes;   #Show High Range - Based on Percentile and LookBack Period
input sd = no;    #Show Standard Deviation Line
input hp2 = no;   #Show Low Range - Based on Percentile and LookBack Period
input sd2 = no;   #Show Standard Deviation Line

script scaleMinimax {
    input x = close;
    input p = 5;
    input Min = .01;
    input Max =   1;
    def hh = Highest(x, p);
    def ll   = Lowest(x, p);
    plot data = (((Max - Min) * (x - ll)) /  (hh - ll)) + Min;

def prix  = scaleMinimax(close, p, 0, 1);
def prixn = 1 - prix;
def neg   = 1 - scaleMinimax(high, p, 0, 1);
def hi    = scaleMinimax(high, p, 0, 1);
def lo    = scaleMinimax(low, p, 0, 1);

def up1   = (Highest(prix, pd) - lo) / Highest(prix, pd);
def up2   = (Highest(prix, pd) - hi) / Highest(prix, pd);
def dn1   = (Highest(prixn, pd) - neg) / Highest(prixn, pd);
def dn2   = scaleMinimax((high - Lowest(close, pd)) / Lowest(close, pd), p, 0, 1);
def wvf   = If(tp == 1, up1, up2);
def wvfr  = If(tp2 == 1, dn1, dn2);

def sDev      = mult * StDev(wvf, bbl);
def midLine   = Average(wvf, bbl);
def lowerBand = midLine - sDev;
def upperBand = midLine + sDev;
def rangeHigh = (Highest(wvf, lb)) * ph;
def rangeLow  = (Lowest(wvf, lb)) * pl;
def col = If (wvf >= upperBand or wvf >= rangeHigh, -100, 0);

def sDev2      = mult * StDev(wvfr, bbl);
def midLine2   = Average(wvfr, bbl);
def lowerBand2 = midLine2 - sDev2;
def upperBand2 = midLine2 + sDev2;
def rangeHigh2 = (Highest(wvfr, lb)) * ph;
def rangeLow2  = (Lowest(wvfr, lb)) * pl;
def col2 = If(wvfr >= upperBand2 or wvfr >= rangeHigh2, 100, 0);

plot pwvfr1 = wvfr;
pwvfr1.AssignValueColor(if wvfr >= upperBand2 or wvfr >= rangeHigh2 then Color.GREEN else Color.DARK_GRAY);

plot pwvfr2 = wvfr;

plot pwvf1 = wvf;
pwvf1.AssignValueColor(if wvf >= upperBand or wvf >= rangeHigh then Color.RED else Color.DARK_GRAY);

plot pwvf2 = wvfr;

plot pRPH = if hp and rangeHigh then rangeHigh else Double.NaN; #Range High Percentile

plot pRPL = if hp and rangeLow then rangeLow else Double.NaN; #Range Low Percentile

plot pUpperBand = if sd and upperBand then upperBand else Double.NaN; #Upper Band

plot pRPH2 = if hp2 and rangeHigh2 then rangeHigh2 else Double.NaN; #Range High Percentile

plot pRPL2 = if hp2 and rangeLow2 then rangeLow2 else Double.NaN; #Range Low Percentile

plot pUpperBand2 = if sd2 and upperBand2 then upperBand2 else Double.NaN; #Upper Band

#END of Combo Williams Vix Fix (Twin version) to ToS

Share your test results and pairings.

Happy Trading.
@diazlaz Any other settings that you recommend for this indicator? I've been using this for scalping / day trading and was wondering if you have found any other settings that you prefer over the ones in the original indicator?


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can anyone explain how to use this indicator, I see the code mention standar deviation lines but I don't see any in the actual graphic


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Simply put, it signals breakouts. The way this has been customized, it doesn't use the convergence and divergence but it added directional indicators.

I stumbled over here looking for a way to get a solid VixFix indicator on ToS without having to re-invent the wheel. It's an excellent and reliable signal of market bottoms in bull markets (50-70%+/- success rate depending on exit conditions and the underlying). Pairs excellently with RSI/Stochastic crossovers for confirmation of trend reversals.

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