Combine RSI, BB, and EMA 34?


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Is it possible to create an indicator for the LOWER level that consists of bollinger band, RSI 14 & ema34 all combined into ONE indicator. Thanks for your assistance.


Not possible because they create scaling issues. It's like mixing water with oil.


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Combining 3 indicators:
Directional Movement Indicator (ADX, DX+, DX-)
On Balance Volume (with a Simple Moving Average 100 inside of it)

Where the DX+ and the DX- cross, AND the 100 SMA inside of the OBV crosses below and starts to turn up, that's where I want to make a scanner to look for those situations for long term trend entries.

The problem I have been facing is that the OBV is relative to the time frame and the amount of candles on screen, so look, zoomed out this far, the SMA still has a ways to go before it touches the OBV, as you can see:

But the problem is that when I try using a scanner to look for these situations as I've stated, it triggers like every 5 minutes because as you can see, if I zoom into the chart, it looks like this:

So the question I have is, is it possible to create a scanner where the number of candles on screen is taken into account so I don't get false readings like this?

The strategy works very well for trading when combined with Ichimoku and RSI, but it would be so good to be able to scan for these situations.

Any help would be appreciated

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