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Hey guys! I was wondering if it's possible to use some of the info found on the Earnings Analysis in a screener? For example, in the Earnings Analysis you can see the stock price change % from 5 days before earnings announced up through 5 days after earnings announced for the previous 8 earnings. Is there a way to add those as columns to a scanner so that it would look something like:

SymbolQuarter5 days before4 days before3 days before2 days before1 day beforeEarnings Announced1 day after2 days after
PAYXFQ2 2021-.02%1.79%3.89%3.07%4.11%6.84%1.41%2.19%
PAYXFQ1 2021.15%.33%.58%-1.11%1.54%1.98%1.07%4.13%
Thoughts? TIA

r/thinkorswim - Combine Earnings Analysis with Scanner
r/thinkorswim - Combine Earnings Analysis with Scanner


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possible, but not in that nice layout format. you would have to put it all on the X Axis as the Y axis can not be modified on the scanner results. To be honest you are probably better off using the 3rd party that you appear to be using.

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