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Combine 2 Custom Indicators?



This is my first post so please go easy ;) . I've done some googling but it's difficult to find specific information regarding thinkscript.

So I've created 2 studies (indicators) that mark the chart with arrows. They are essentially opposites in their design (buy and sell) and I'm trying to figure out how I can combine them into a single study.

Thanks for any insight regarding my noob question!

But where are the code?

Sorry Ben, I wrongly assumed it was a general enough question. Here's the Code:

## Switch_Up_ES_78 code created by Switchfire
TTM_Squeeze()."Histogram" from -5 bars ago crosses above TTM_Squeeze()."VolComp" from -5 bars ago within 10 bars and MACD("fast length" = 21, "slow length" = 31, "macd length" = 8)."Diff" crosses above MACD("fast length" = 21, "slow length" = 31, "macd length" = 8)."ZeroLine" within 10 bars and CCI()."CCI" crosses CCI()."OverSold" within 10 bars
## End Code

##Switch_Down_ES_78 created by Switchfire
TTM_Squeeze()."Histogram" from -5 bars ago crosses below TTM_Squeeze()."VolComp" from -5 bars ago within 10 bars and MACD("fast length" = 21, "slow length" = 31, "macd length" = 8)."Diff" crosses below MACD("fast length" = 21, "slow length" = 31, "macd length" = 8)."ZeroLine" within 10 bars and CCI()."CCI" crosses CCI()."OverBought" within 10 bars
## End Code
I built it using the "Condition Wizard" and then when i go to edit settings, i change the plot to boolean with arrows. So essentially "if those conditions are true, then plot an arrow".
@switchfire Let's discuss your request from several angles shall we?

Firstly, as several readers have pointed out, the code you provided are scan codes. You'll typically place those codes directly in the scanner to determine if there are any signals matching your conditions. Using a daily aggregation, I scanned against the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite and was unable to obtain any signals for either your Switch Up condition or Switch Down condition. That usually means that your scan conditions are so restrictive that you'll not find any signals. Hence you'll need to relax some of the conditions of your scan code.

That said, your scan code pertains to three standard TOS studies - TTM Squeeze, MACD and CCI. Assuming you fix the issues described above and are able to generate signals and now wish to combine all three studies into one study, the biggest hurdle is that the code for TTM Squeeze is not available to the general public.

If you decide to exclude the TTM Squeeze component from the combined study, you are then left with the MACD and CCI. The MACD is an oscillator that has values running from -10 to +10 while the CCI has values ranging from -200 to +200. What you'll need to do is to first normalize the scales in both these studies. Once that is completed then you can combine the MACD and CCI.

My assessment at this point is that the most realistic course of action is to first combine MACD and CCI and see if that resulting study makes sense from your point of view. If so then you can then think of layering on top of that other indicators you deem fit.

These are just some of my high level thoughts from a first pass assessment. Hope that is helpful
@tomsk Thanks for that explanation! I primarily built these indicators for use in futures (/es) utilizing the 78min chart. You also need to modify the settings to plot boolean with arrows and sometimes it resets :( . I'll look into breaking out the indicators and building it to plot from base code (not condition wizard)
Yep, that would be a good start. BTW, since 78 min is a non standard aggregation, this would not be an acceptable aggregation in the scanner. All the best as you proceed with these plans

Hey Tom, thanks for all your help thus far here! I'm trying write my original code into standard thinkscript, and it's proving to be difficult. If you happen to have time, could you help get me started? Maybe just plotting an arrow on the chart for macd crossover with adjustable settings? Then I'd try to take it from there? If this is too much to ask then i completely understand and no worries! Thanks!!
* edit * sorry this is too much to ask! I should stick with indicators already built and try to learn what they are doing and maybe modify from there.
Last edited:
@switchfire Sounds like you're new to ThinkScript. No problem, happy to help - Here's a real simple MACD crossover study that plots signals when the MACD value line crosses ABOVE the MACD Avg line. It's a real simple example and you can take it apart, add bells and whistles, etc Have fun!

# MACD Crossover Arrows

declare lower;

input fastLength = 12;
input slowLength = 26;
input MACDLength = 9;
input averageType = AverageType.EXPONENTIAL;

plot Value = MACD(fastLength, slowLength, MACDLength, averageType).Value;
plot Avg = MACD(fastLength, slowLength, MACDLength, averageType).Avg;
plot ZeroLine = 0;


plot UpArrow = if Value crosses above Avg then Avg else Double.NaN;
@switchfire Yep it is a simple starter script. Don't hesitate to come back if you get stuck. It takes a while to get up to speed, and I'm sure you'll be a whizz in almost no time
Hopefully 😁 I know very basic SQL, so that helps a little.

I'm assuming the Double.NaN is the same as "if x then y else ' ' " so like a null? (Without the space, because that's not a null lol, but for visual reasons)
It's essentially a TOS quirk. Double.NaN is used when you want a return of nothing in a variable. For example if a variable has a value of 0, there may be times when you want a variable to not return anything. That's the time to use Double.NaN. In the MACD example above, if there is no crossover, nothing is plotted. Simple as that

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