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The Central Pivot Range (CPR) indicator provides key levels of support and resistance, helping to identify potential price reversal points.

It is one of the most popular support & resistance indicators due to its versatility and simplicity.
This version is based on Pivot Boss's Pivot Range described at

Pivot Boss states:
Some authors have called the pivot range the “meat of the market”, while others refer to the central pivot point as the “heartbeat of the indicator”. In my opinion, the central pivot range is the Swiss Army Knife of pivots. At any given time, the range can be support or resistance, it can forecast trending or sideways price behavior, dictate the day’s direction, or serve as an integral part of a trend.


Has anyone worked on this script to convert into tos, please ?
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Has anyone worked on this script to convert into tos, please ?
try this:

#// Central Pivot Range (CPR) Indicator for TradingView
#// This script is an implementation of Central Pivot Range described at
#// by Sherwin Daganato, 20171112
#// Inputs:
#// Number of Daily CPR Back - Set the number of calendar days back to plot historical daily CPR. The default value is 7.
#//                            Non-trading days are not taken into account.
#//                            A value of 7, for example, would display only 5 CPR for a 24x5 market.
#// Number of Weekly CPR Back - Set the number of calendar weeks back to plot historical weekly CPR. The default value is 0.
#// Number of Monthly CPR Back - Set the number of calendar months back to plot historical monthly CPR. The default value is 0.
#// Number of Yearly CPR Back - Set the number of calendar years back to plot historical yearly CPR. The default value is 0.
#study(title="SD - Central Pivot Range - Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly", shorttitle="[SD]CPR", overlay=true)
# Converted by Sam4Cok@Samer800  

input daily_cpr = yes;
input weekly_cpr = no;
input monthly_cpr = no;
input yearly_cpr = no;

def na = Double.NaN;
def last = isNaN(close);

Script new_period {
input condition = yes;
input src = close;
    def result = if condition then src else result[1];
    plot out = if result then result else Double.NaN;
def timenow  = GetAggregationPeriod();
def newDay   = GetDay()!=GetDay()[1];
def newWeek  = GetWeek()!=GetWeek()[1];
def newMonth = GetMonth()!=GetMonth()[1];
def newYear  = GetYear()!=GetYear()[1];

def isintraday = !last and daily_cpr and timenow < AggregationPeriod.DAY;
def isweekly = !last and weekly_cpr and timenow < AggregationPeriod.WEEK;
def ismonthly = !last and monthly_cpr and timenow < AggregationPeriod.MONTH;
def isyearly = !last and yearly_cpr and timenow < AggregationPeriod.YEAR;

def pivotD = (high(Period = "Day") + low(Period = "Day") + close(Period = "Day")) / 3.0;
def bcD = (high(Period = "Day") + low(Period = "Day")) / 2.0;
def tcD = (pivotD - bcD) + pivotD;

def pivotW = (high(Period = "WEEK") + low(Period = "WEEK") + close(Period = "WEEK")) / 3.0;
def bcW = (high(Period = "WEEK") + low(Period = "WEEK")) / 2.0;
def tcW = (pivotW - bcW) + pivotW;

def pivotM = (high(Period = "MONTH") + low(Period = "MONTH") + close(Period = "MONTH")) / 3.0;
def bcM = (high(Period = "MONTH") + low(Period = "MONTH")) / 2.0;
def tcM = (pivotM - bcM) + pivotM;

def pivotY = (high(Period = "YEAR") + low(Period = "YEAR") + close(Period = "YEAR")) / 3.0;
def bcY = (high(Period = "YEAR") + low(Period = "YEAR")) / 2.0;
def tcY = (pivotY - bcY) + pivotY;

#//Daily Central Pivot Range
def dppD = pivotD[1];
def dbcD = bcD[1];
def dtcD = tcD[1];
def dpp_D = new_period(newDay, dppD);
def dtc_D = new_period(newDay, dtcD);
def dbc_D = new_period(newDay, dbcD);
#//Weekly Central Pivot Range
def dppW = pivotW[1];
def dbcW = bcW[1];
def dtcW = tcW[1];
def dpp_W = new_period(newWeek, dppW);
def dtc_W = new_period(newWeek, dtcW);
def dbc_W = new_period(newWeek, dbcW);
#//Monthly Central Pivot Range
def dppM = pivotM[1];
def dbcM = bcM[1];
def dtcM = tcM[1];
def dpp_M = new_period(newMonth, dppM);
def dtc_M = new_period(newMonth, dtcM);
def dbc_M = new_period(newMonth, dbcM);
#//Yearly Central Pivot Range
def dppY = pivotY[1];
def dbcY = bcY[1];
def dtcY = tcY[1];
def dpp_Y = new_period(newYear, dppY);
def dtc_Y = new_period(newYear, dtcY);
def dbc_Y = new_period(newYear, dbcY);

plot DailyTC = if isintraday then (if dtc_D >= dbc_D then dtc_D else dbc_D) else na; #, title="Daily TC"
plot DailyPP = if isintraday then dpp_D else na; #, title="Daily PP"
plot DailyBC = if isintraday then (if dtc_D >= dbc_D then dbc_D else dtc_D) else na; #, title="Daily BC"

plot WeeklyTC = if isWeekly then (if dtc_W >= dbc_W then dtc_W else dbc_W) else na; #, title="Weekly TC"
plot WeeklyPP = if isWeekly then     dpp_W else na; #, title="Weekly PP"
plot WeeklyBC = if isWeekly then (if dtc_W >= dbc_W then dbc_W else dtc_W) else na; #, title="Weekly BC"

plot MonthlyTC = if isMonthly then (if dtc_M >= dbc_M then dtc_M else dbc_M) else na; #, title="Monthly TC"
plot MonthlyPP = if isMonthly then     dpp_M else na; #, title="Monthly PP"
plot MonthlyBC = if isMonthly then (if dtc_M >= dbc_M then dbc_M else dtc_M) else na; #, title="Monthly BC"

plot YearlyTC = if isYearly then (if dtc_Y >= dbc_Y then dtc_Y else dbc_Y) else na; #, title="Yearly TC"
plot YearlyPP = if isYearly then     dpp_Y else na; #, title="Yearly PP"
plot YearlyBC = if isYearly then (if dtc_Y >= dbc_Y then dbc_Y else dtc_Y) else na; #, title="Yearly BC"

#-- END of CODE
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