Can someone help me write a HOD strategy?


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Can someone help me write a HOD strategy for thinkorswim? I'd like for the strategy to create a buy signal at the HOD+.03 after 11am. I believe I can use one of the preexisting stop loss strategies in TOS to make it complete for back testing.

If you can help a brother out, it would be much appreciated :)
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Thanks, not second guessing you but it just seemed odd to me at first to want to buy at the high of the day unless you are planning to go short or something. Also that the high won't be known till the end of the day. I'm sure you got that sorted though.

Since you mention backtesting I came across this the other day. Thing is it gives the high and low of previous day.
Could be a place to start. Hopefully smarter coders than I can chip in and be more helpful.

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