Can I use a thinkscript to set up custom OCO orders?


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Thinkorswim’s HotKeys are extremely limited in scope (compared to other trading platforms), which is very disappointing.

I like entering customized buy/sell orders and doing it manually is very slow, going through the following steps:

1. Left click on Trade tab
2. Move cursor and Right click on Ask price
3. Move cursor and Left click on Buy Custom
4. Move cursor and Left click on my (previously) customized order setup
5. There are two more step; to show my order entry (which I can Confirm and Send -or- Delete), followed by another window to Send.

That process (from 1 through 4 or 5) can be Hotkeyed in other trading platforms with one key combination.

Since I have not written any Thinkscipt code, my question is if that scenario is possible in ThinkScript or should I look elsewhere?

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Thinkscript can't submit live orders. You may have more luck experimenting with Active Trader, which has one click auto-send of customized templates, if you're so inclined. If you can tell me more about the order I can probably walk you through it.

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@captchris801 You would have better luck if you were to create and save several Conditional Orders that can be applied based on your desired criteria... I and several others have mentioned how to set them up in other topics... I use several Conditional Orders for trading SPY Options which are based on both licensed and my own custom Studies... There are also several good YouTube videos that cover the concept quite well... The use of Conditional Orders is the closest we can get to automated trading in TOS...

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