Net Liq on Chart thinkscript not working for an account on TD


im hoping someone can help me. im using the following thinkscript. im using the TD version of TOS. i log on with one user/password and am able to see all my accounts. when im on ALL ACCOUNTS, this code shows the net liq on the chart for that all accounts summed together. this worked well forever. in the past week, i noticed NaN show up when ALL ACCOUNTS. i thought it was a glitch, but a week later, its still the same. i have localized it to ONE account in particular. all other accounts work ok on their own. i have tried creating a new study with this code to see if it works and removed all other studies. no luck. TD customer support is helping me as well but they are baffled and no solutions yet. anyone else have ideas that can help me?

def qty = GetQuantity();
def net_liq = qty * close;
AddLabel(yes, "Net Liq Position:" + AsDollars(value = net_liq), color = Color.Blue);
I don't deal with support often. The last time I spoke with them was to confirm the degradation of the full range functions. Though, if you're not careful, I do recall that they try to transfer you to some kind of thinkscript department that helps with minor coding questions. That's not what you need.

This sounds like an issue on the backend, likely having to do with the Schwab transition. If you haven't already made it clear, make sure support is aware that you are reporting an actual internal bug at the platform/server level, as opposed to you just needing basic help with thinkscript.

That's really all the advice I could offer.

You're probably just going to have to wait it out and hope they fix it.

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