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dear friends

i wish to change my broker and trading platform from thinkorswim to some one better then them

since there are many professional traders (more experienced by time then me in this group ) i request kindly please suggest me a good broker platfrom ,
i mention my reasons and what is required with new platform as below , thanks in advance for help and suggestion

reasons to change tdameritrade or thinkorswim
1. their real time data is delayed itself by some nano seconds ... i am 1000000% sure about it as i am day trader and i have realized it many times
the kind of trading i do , i cannot acccept this delay coz i faced hudge problems many times due to their data delay

2. their commissions are hudge , i trade futures mostly for my day trading , micro or mini lots they charge 2.25+1.20=3.45 to open and 3.45 to close per mini lot of /es /gc
/nq /cl , its crazy because many times i end up making 100 usd and paying them 7 usd cost of trading my hard ,
the more crazy thing about them is they are the only broker charge 3.45 for micro future lots trading , which is even more more crazy because on micro like / mes / mgc/ mnq ohter broker like ib they charge is 0.47 per contract , hudge difference

3. the most important is the delay in data , high commission and cheating nature of this platform because most of the time they are showing prices 0.25 cents higher in their order entry tool then the market bid price , they call it MID price and i dont care because i only buy at my price and sell at my price but sometimes it gives me extra work setting up that price there ... and sometimes in quick action i will just click to order entry price and send button immdtly....

i dont need high margin , leverage or 1:6 kind of account because i trade in my limits always

i know this group is for thinkorswim indicators , i may left few thousands there and do slow swing trading and some option trades in thinkorswim but they are giving me so problems that making me impossible to continue my profitable day trading with this platfrom

the bottom line SAVING IS MAKING

the decided date of change is 15th dec 2019 , coz we are going to increase our lots quatity to double at this date , we are affording to pay them our hard earnned money now but after that date we cannot afford paying them double of it ,

so any good suggestion for other platforms pls do send me your comments ! if you have relaized same problem as mine , dont comment coz i have commented alrdy for you , all the problems of this sucker platform



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If you are futures trader try ninja trader, they are best for futures from what I read, in terms of execution and commission.
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