Bollinger Bands and Stochastic Scalping Indicator for ThinkorSwim


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If you like to trade or scalp on the shorter time frame such as the 2m, 5m, and 15m, this indicator is for you. The Scalper indicator generates buy and sell signals based on the Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Full, RSI, MFI, and IMI (Intraday Momentum Index).



thinkScript Code

Rich (BB code):
# Scalper
# Drew Griffith

#hint: Intraday Day mean reversion strategy. Used on 2min charts.

declare upper;

input price = close;
input BBlength = 12;
input FSOkperiod = 10;
input FSOdperiod = 6;
input FSOslowingperiod = 6;
input FSOob = 80;
input FSOos = 20;
input RSIlength = 12;
input RSIob = 70;
input RSIos = 30;
input MFILength = 12;
input MFIob = 80;
input MFIos = 20;
input IMILength = 12;
input IMIob = 70;
input IMIos = 30;

def BBupper = BollingerBands(length = BBlength).UpperBand;
def BBlower = BollingerBands(length = BBlength).LowerBand;

# StochasticFull
def FSO = StochasticFull("k period" = FSOkperiod, "d period" = FSOdperiod, "slowing_period" = FSOslowingperiod);

def RSI = RSI(length = RSIlength);

def MFI = MoneyFlowIndex(length = MFILength);

def IMI = IntradayMomentumIndex(length = IMILength);

plot bullish = close <= BBlower and RSI <= RSIos and FSO <= FSOos and MFI <= MFIos and IMI <= IMIob;

plot bearish = close >= BBupper and RSI >= RSIob and FSO >= FSOob and MFI >= MFIob and IMI >= IMIos;

#plot RATING = if bullish then 1 else if bearish then .5 else 0;



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Ben, After added this script. The chart shows shrink not able to see the candle but i see the arrows.

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@San Ahh I see, go into the indicator's setting and untick "Show Plot" for RATING.

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Ben, My bad I looked arrows on other indicator not TTM_Scalper. But after untick "Show Plot" for RATING able to see the candle NOT arrow.

I have noticed in Indicator Bullish and Bearish tab "color: This plot's colors are dynamically set" I am not sure this is default because usually we see some color!

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@San The indicator don't often give you signals and the arrow's colors are set to default (down = red and up = green). This indicator will work on intra-day only. So from 1m to 15m max.

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I have verified last 5 days chart for Amzn with 1mts/5mts/15mt but some reason I don't see any arrow for Feb15th.

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@San Do you see any arrows on the chart at all? If you do, then that means there was no signal given for AMZN on that specific day.

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Thanks for your updates. Yes i see the arrow and thanks for your quick response...

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Hello BenTen...first thank you for posting this script. I am having the same issue as San. Everytime i change the symbol, the chart shrinks

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@jan_angel Please see my reply above regarding the “Show Plot” option for RATING. In addition, you can also left click on the chart and unselect Fit Studies.

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Thank you! I have noticed if the trigger happens very early in the trading day, it could signal a reverse in the opposite direction for the rest of the trading day.

Also, i noticed if you wait for a double red or green bar in the signal direction, you can better "guesstimate" the reversal long term.

Just early observations. I am trying to find a good baseline / confirmation indicator to help support triggers.
Hi Ben I feel like a kid in a candy store with all of these indicators, I'm new to trading and to this site. Anywho I copied and pasted the short link of the scalper into TOS. I tried it in on demand and Scalper gives the green arrows but not the red arrows. I only get the red arrows in pre market. Thanks in advance.
@VM23 Welcome, glad you are enjoying the forum. Posters add so much, so often, I feel like a kid in a candy store, every day :) .
Unfortunately, TOS paper trading has some particularities. Which for the most part, have no workarounds. If you want more detail, you will have to call TOS customer support. Please come back and share what they had to say.
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