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@BillMurray shared his grid to VIP channel, and please let me know if you do not wish to continue this request.
So what was shared was the combination of 2 very simple TOS default indicators:

AccumDistBuyPr (default settings)
StochasticSlow (OB100, OS0, K14, D1)

Therein lies 2 problems.

a) Being a noob, I tried to combine the scripts so that I can use on mobile. However, the results were....disastrous. The 100% line became stretched to unlimited OB.

b) On desktop, I manually dragged the 2 indicators to lower charts. It works well when zoomed out, and you can see the top hit 100% (bounded).


However, as I zoom in, it became skewed somehow, and it didn't hit 100%.


Many times, I zoom in the charts due to my intraday scalps. Is there anyway to make the AccumDistBuyPr not skewed or in other words, ensure the zoom in and zoom out points are the same? And if there needs to be a new script, can some kind soul make this so that on mobile, the range is bounded to 100% and 0%? Or, with arrows even better for scans on low TF.
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Scaling problem in putting the two studies in the same window. Since the stochastic is on a 0 to 100 scale the upper and lower lines are just arbitrary lines representing 80 and 20 % of the scale. Possibly using a linear regression channel you could set the outer lines to be 80 %.
declare lower;

def data = if close > close[1] then close - Min(close[1], low) else if close < close[1] then close - Max(close[1], high) else 0;

plot AccDist = TotalSum(data);
def price = accdist;

input deviations = 1.68;
input fullRange = Yes;
input length = 20;

input widthOfChannel = 80.0;

plot MiddleLR;
if (fullRange)
then {
    MiddleLR = InertiaAll(price);
} else {
    MiddleLR = InertiaAll(price, length);

def dist = HighestAll(AbsValue(MiddleLR - price)) * (widthOfChannel / 100.0);

plot UpperLR = MiddleLR + dist;
plot LowerLR = MiddleLR - dist;
Well no idea if that works. Just a possible way to see when peaks are over a certain level from the mean. That seems to be the idea of the first post.
Combining multiple indicators into the same section is not recommended due to scaling issue. The exact issue that you just mentioned, when you zoom in and out, it shows different values.. It's like mixing oil with water :D
Not to take anything away from what @horserider put together, but here's an alternative. It WILL keep itself pegged if higher highs continue to be made. It will drop from 1 when the price is no longer making a higher high. Same goes for Lower Lows. This is because I chose to normalize the data over the range of 0 to 1. If you make a higher high, it's still 1 and everything before gets compressed.

I did not take time to put inputs on this. everything is hard coded. Feel free to adapt as you see fit.

Of course, I'm not party to the VIP chat, but just combining two indicators can be done this way.

declare lower;

def data = if close > close[1] then close - Min(close[1], low) else if close < close[1] then close - Max(close[1], high) else 0;

def AD = TotalSum(data);
plot AccDist = (AD - lowestall(AD)) /(highestall(AD) - lowestall(AD));

def stoch = StochasticSlow("over bought" = 100, "over sold" = 0, "k period" = 14, "d period" = 1).SlowD;

plot SlowD =  (stoch - lowestall(stoch)) /(highestall(stoch) - lowestall(stoch));

plot one = 1;
plot zero = 0;

Happy Trading
@Playstation I learned of that combo from a trader on twitter named . He passed away late last year. He was an older guy, and was REALLY deaf. I bought his PDF for 10 bucks long ago, and it changed my trading life forever. I learned that little system, tweaked it to my liking. His english was not that good, but in countless email exchanges with him back and forth, I learned the nuances of his thinking and the way he looked at the setup. Most importantly. DO NOT ZOOM It will catch tops and bottoms with incredible, spooky, accuracy.

I use the flexible grids below quite a bit. The first is for intraday. The 2nd is for swings. - Flexible Grid - INTRADAY - Reversal. - You'll note that each time frame is set to 2 days and their timeframe. DO NOT zoom. - Flexible Grid - SWING TRADE - Reversal - This is meant for swing trades. Pretty much flawless. Weekly is best for me here.

FWIW, and being that the man has passed, I've put a link to his PDF below. (I have it in my OneDrive). He was a genuine, helpful, successful small trader. He scalped the hell out of SPX daily using this system. Just small grabs on the trades he did. I use it on everything, it's an equal opportunity system. It just works.

My Favorite Indicator - DeafDayTrader
Just tested this indicator and it isn't as magical as some of you think. The reason it looks so appealing is because when you view a timeframe you are only left with the successful signals. If a signal goes past the overbought of oversold ranges it will just expand the y axis to adjust to this increase. When the AccumDistBuyPr reaches a top the axis will stop expanding and you are left with a perfect signal but you only see the perfect signals not any of the failed ones. This will only work if the stock is consistently ranging between two price zones, if not the signals can't be trusted.
Same as @BillMurray I leaned from this gentleman in regards to his system. You REALLY CAN NOT ZOOM. It is not like it repaints, and it does not "look better in hindsight" either. I have gone away from this system since I mainly trade futures now, but that being said, THIS STRATEGY IS MEANT FOR OPTIONS ONLY. As I am sure some of you notice that this alone will not win 100% of the time (just staring at the first day of testing felt like a 50/50 coin flip). If you combine this with some secret sauce, then you may be able to hit about 80% accuracy roughly. But the key is to use it to trade options. That is very much defined risk, and a lot easier to hit a higher reward for the risk assumed. Best of luck to all that use this, glad to see @deafdaytrader has not been forgotten. May he rest in peace knowing he helped a lot of people
@YungTraderFromMontana Maybe for the combining indicators in one panel. Did not bother to look what happens there as anytime scaling does not match strange things can happen. Do not think what you describe is the case for the other offered solutions.
@tabs999 All are real posts. Some may be better than others. o_O
Think I might have been an extra lucky ***** to get the wins so far. I sort of understand where @YungTraderFromMontana is coming from, let me do some live testing. Before I trade live with this, I manually marked the points where the tip shows as testing. And I don’t trade using ONLY DDT, did add in with AMM. I do use this for futures so far though. Scanner can use @horserider script.

but maybe the bounded 100% and 0% does keep extending....

@tabs999 Free grid was shared, an honest request was made, proper annotations were screenshot, helpful replies were given. All posts here are genuinely real, no robots high frequency typing and no attempts at foolery are...attempted. But maybe deep down inside, we are all heartless robots who sits behind our computers and troll?
I'm not saying that it doesn't work at all i'm just saying it can be deceiving in hindsight at times. Here's and example with PENN. I never altered the zoom. I did a custom range of strictly (1 month/ 1 day) so all zooms were the same. Notice how the signals are deceiving.

first pic
second pic
third pic

notice how the first two signal had entrances as described in the strategy but failed. They were then covered up as the stock went higher. I've also seen it work but it has to be addressed that the scaling makes it seem like it never fails. I'm still going to be looking into it more because it is promising but I'm going to find a way to use it in a more orthodox way.
LRB works great on mobile time charts.
For ticks charts, pull out to higher ticks. 3200 ES is quite good to start with. 500-1000 ticks GC is cool too. Experimenting more tonight.

But Lemme try to explain how I would use bill’s default way of combining with photos tonight on futures.
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First photo, the 0% didn't shift, and price rebounded upwards.

2nd photo, went back down, but 0% didn't shift.

For 3rd photo, I added @horserider version. I don't think it helps on desktop. Better to see it on mobile, not sure why though.
Caught the tip top and down it goes.

Yes I found the 0% will keep shifting!
When the price keeps dropping, the 0% line will shift to adjust.
That is not to say this isn't a useful indicator though. As shown above for 3, it does catch quite nicely the bots and tops.
Conclusion, this isn't holy awesome muthF-ng bomb, but it certainly is helpful to spot a potential reversal extremely accurately!

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