AddChart: How to Superimpose A Second Chart on Your Main Chart in ThinkOrSwim


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An old platform I used allowed me to accidently put a daily price bar on top of a Heiken Ashi candle. I noticed that when the bar close price was above the Heiken Ashi center line the price was going up and when the price was retracting to below the candle the price was pulling back. Bar price in the candle upper half indicated the price was consolidating but with an upward breakout direction ..... in the lower half price was consolidating but indicating a breakout lower. Has anyone, or can anyone figure out how to put a price bar on top of a Heiken Ashi candle in think or swim. I have contacted the ThinkOrSwim help desk and they say it can't be done.
Any Help? Thank you.

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It's a long since deprecated function, but there is an add chart function. It may not be supported in future versions, so don't come to rely on it necessarily:
declare upper;

def h = HIGH;
def L = LOW;
def c = CLOSE;
def o = OPEN;

AddChart(high = h, low = L, open = o, close = c, type = , color.light_Gray);
I'm sure I'm missing a few colors in there, but you can only draw one colour anyway. (unsupported function don'cha'kno? -- the workaround is a laborious process of plotting several AddCharts, but there is another thread about that. Set your color as needed.

Set your normal chart to Heikin Ashi, and add this as a study.

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What would be the code to superimpose a second chart as a line chart over your main TOS chart? I have a reference here: Second Chart.

Naturally, being able to quickly reference a second asset, like the SPY, can help you predict where your main chart is heading. For example, if an asset trends upward while SPY is flat, then seeing SPY start uptrending may signal a continued uptrend in the stock you're watching. Or if an asset uptrends along with SPY, then SPY starts a downtrend while your stock continues heading upward, that divergence suggests that buyers are truly in control of the stock you're watching.

But how would you superimpose the SPY on your main chart? It would be easier to track that than watching the RelativeStrength indicator as a lower study.
This was just asked here:

you can change the addChart chart type to .CANDLE or other things as you need. Colouring it is another matter. There are threads about it around.

You'll probably want to make sure it's plotting on the left axis. Unless it's within a few (very, very few) points of whatever instrument is on the chart.

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Another option

As an alternative, how about running any average (simple, exponential, etc.) with a setting of 1, based on close? That should give you a tracer across each candle position. I realize it isn't exactly what you wanted, but perhaps it would be better than nothing.

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