Add Label or Price Bubble for Stock Buying Power divided by 9:30-9:35 am high price




Basically, I am looking to create a study or have a script written that will show a label or price bubble, which automatically adjusts to the volatility in a stock, calculate my Stock Buying Power divided by the 5 min. high price from 9:30 - 9:35 am + $0.01.

So for instance, let's say I have $2,500 in Net Liq., but $1,000 in Stock Buying Power. Then at 9:30 am, the stock opens at $1, gets to a high price of $1.10 (within the 9:30-9:35 am interval) and closes at $1.05 at 9:30 am.

I would like to see a label or price bubble that shows my $1,000 in Stock Buying Power divided by the $1.11 ($1.10+$0.01), 5 min. high price. This would come out to be 900.90 shares available to purchase.

Also, while the stock price moves up and down, my label/price bubble would adjust its calculations based on the volatility of the stock. So if at 9:31 a.m. the stock was at $1.08, the label or bubble would show my SBP divided by $1.09 ($1.08+$0.01). If at 9:34 am the stock's high was at $1.10, it would adjust and show my SBP divided by $1.11 ($1.10+$0.01). The label/price bubble would adjust as the stock moves up and this would continue until 9:35 am, where it would just show me my SBP divided by the highest price within the first 5 min. candle + $0.01, 9:30-9:35 am.

This would save me a lot of time from calculating the amount of shares I can buy by manually inputting the numbers. Also, I know there's a way to purchase shares based on my dollar amount available, but this type of order takes even more time than if I were to just compute my SBP by the 5 min. high + $0.01 on my calculator.

This study would help me be a faster trader and earn more profits. If you could help, I would really appreciate it. It would be used for ORB and GapnGo's, usually within the first 5-15 minutes. It would be helpful because at those times, during market open, the securities are very volatile and I don't want to miss my entry point due to me having to waste 3-5 seconds with my calculator.
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