180 day low display, regardless of current chart timeframe?


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Tried searching but could not find something to help me display a simple label of lowest price in last 180 days. I've tried variations of LOW() and LOWEST(low, ##) but they all seem to be impacted by my current charting timeframe, and therefor will not always display the correct answer.

Is there a way to grab the lowest price point in the last 180 days on the current symbol so it can be added to a label? I thought about using LOWEST() and have a variable that changes the length based on GetAggregationPeriod(), but this seems a little over the top for something I perceive as likely easily obtained using existing functions.

Thanks for any help.


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@Tweak155 Set the aggregation period of the "low" price to daily, then use it for the price value in Lowest(). So something like this -
input bars_to_lookback = 180;
def l = low(period = aggregationperiod.DAY);
def lowest_bar = lowest(l,bars_to_lookback);
AddLabel(1,"Lowest Low in 180 Days = " + lowest_bar, color.white);

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