1. R

    Weekly & Monthly scan for Inside Bars

    Hi, So I am not much of a coder, although I can read code and have an understanding of how the code is working. Hoping someone can help me out here. This is the current code I have for an Inside Bar scanner. It works best to tell you if the current bar is an inside bar. I forget where I...
  2. halcyonguy

    Nirvana Holy Grail Inside Bar Outside Bar For ThinkOrSwim

    This looks for 4 patterns, . Nirvana - cyan , 3 bars, middle bar is smaller . HolyGrail - magenta , 3 bars, middle bar is bigger . Inside bar - yellow , 2 bars , right bar is smaller . Outside bar - white , 2 bars , right bar is bigger each pattern is drawn in a different color. a colored label...
  3. D

    Inside Bar OutSide Bar Clouds For ThinkOrSwim

    Essentially this is what I'm trying to achieve: 1. Inside Bar followed by Outside Bar [Cloud Shaded Yellow for these 2 bars] 2. Outside Bar followed by Inside Bar [Cloud Shaded Plum for these 2 bars] Should've been more clear. I'm trying to have vertical stripes on the chart when holygrail...
  4. L

    Inside Bar Outside Bar Clouds For ThinkOrSwim

    i am trying to add a cloud between the two vertical lines. I am able to put the vertical lines but not the cloud. How can I do that? plot inbar = low > low[1] and high < high[1]; plot outbar = low < low[1] and high > high[1]; plot holygrail = outbar[1] and inbar; AssignPriceColor(if (inbar...
  5. R

    "Candle State" Bar Type Identification :: TheStrat For ThinkOrSwim

    Is there a way to identify bars as either inside bar "1"; outside bar "3"; or directional bar "2" by placing a numerical identifier beneath each bar? SequenceCounter associates numbers with bars, but I did not see thinkscript for placing a numeral at individual bars. Bar identification...
  6. BenTen

    Triple 3 Inside Bars Indicator and Scanner for ThinkorSwim

    Triple 3 Inside Bars Indicator and Scanner for ThinkorSwim Inspired by the Double Inside Day and Narrow Range 4 (NR4) indicators. These patterns are quite popular among traders, especially those who mainly use price action to trade breakouts. Here is the triple inside bars study for ThinkorSwim...
  7. T

    Outside Bars and/or Inside Bars (Candle) Combinations For ThinkOrSwim

    Can someone help me with a script for an outside day and and an inside day? I would like to create a scan for them.
  8. BenTen

    NR4 Inside Bar for ThinkorSwim

    An inside day occurs when the stock trades within the range of the previous day high and low. Combining with Narrow Range 4 (NR4) will provide a high probability of trading the breakout or breakdown of the inside day bar. Identify Inside Day: When the bar is within the high and low of its...
  9. BenTen

    Double Inside Day Indicator + Scanner for ThinkorSwim

    Here is an indicator that shows Double Inside Bar setup on the Daily. There will also be a scanner included just in case you want to setup a scanner to quickly look for stocks with double inside bar on the daily timeframe. All credit goes to Drew Griffith for creating the indicator as well as...

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