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How to Round Up or Round Down in thinkScript

When you work with an indicator that plots numerical value as a label or chart bubble, sometimes the number could get out of hand. The easiest way to fix this problem is by rounding it.

With thinkScript, you have 3 different options: round (shorten the number to a specific number of digits), round up, and round down. In this tutorial, we're going to explore all three rounding options.


Round(condtion's value, number of digits)
RoundUp(condtion's value, number of digits)
RoundDown(condtion's value, number of digits)


Let's plot the current stock's price as a label and round it to 2 digits.

plot current_price = Round(close, 2);
AddLabel(yes, Concat("Stock Price = ", current_price), color.orange);

What about rounding thinkScript to a whole number? See below:

plot current_price = Round(close, 0);
AddLabel(yes, Concat("Stock Price = ", current_price), color.orange);

All I did was changing the number of digits from 2 to 0. This resulted in the value being rounded to a whole number.

Here is another script where we utilize RoundUp and RoundDown.

declare lower;

input length = 14;
input averageType = AverageType.WILDERS;

plot ADX = DMI(length, averageType).ADX;

AddLabel(yes, Concat("ADX = ", RoundUp(ADX)), color.orange);
AddLabel(yes, Concat("ADX = ", RoundDown(ADX)), color.white);

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Exactly what I needed. Created a custom indicator that factored in the upper and lower quartiles of the previous candles ranges but in futures everthing is measured in ticks so sometimes the fibs would be off. Was able to round to the nearest tick using this. THANK YOU SOO MUCH
This type of detail, easy to read and easy to understand, is why I am constantly returning to this website.
Thank you.
So helpful

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