YTD (Year to Date) Return Label for ThinkorSwim


Anyway to get a week to date chart label? So specifically, id like a label on the chart that shows the performance assuming monday start to current price. so lets say Monday open on a stock is $100, and now its wed and stock is $110. id like a label saying "WTD: 10%"

someone suggested a code like this for me, but doesnt seem to work right.

#use on daily aggregation only   
def newweek = getweek() != getweek()[1];
def openweek= if newweek then close else openweek[1];
def wtdchange = ((close-openweek)/openweek)*100;
addlabel(yes, "WTD %Change " + AsPercent(wtdchange));

On a similar question, what about a year to date label?


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This will give you the YTD and MTD return as labels on your chart. It should be easy to change one of them to display Week to Date return.

# YTD Return
# Mobius
# 06.15.2015

declare hide_on_intraday;

input price = close;
input length = 1;
input displace = 0;
input Show_Labels = yes;

def newyear = if getYear() != getYear()[1] then 1 else 0;
def newmonth = if getMonth() != getMonth()[1] then 1 else 0;
def yo = compoundValue(1, if newyear then open else yo[1], open);
def mo = compoundValue(1, if newmonth then open else mo[1], open);
def yearopen = yo;
def monthopen = mo;
def SMA = Average(price[-displace], length);
def yochange = (sma - yearopen) / yearopen ;
def mochange = (close - monthopen) / monthopen;

AddLabel(Show_Labels, concat("Year % change = ", AsPercent(yochange)), color.white);
AddLabel(Show_Labels, "Month % change = " + (AsPercent(mochange)), color.white);

Here is another one by Paris in the thinkScript Lounge. Percent Change YTD for watchlists.

# percent change YTD as custom column on watch list

# Script created by TOS that show year to date percentages.
# This is setup for watchlists. zzz modified them to make the
# background color optional, in this case for charting, it is "no".

#def allows you to teach ThinkScript new "words" that you can reference later in your code
#GetYYYYMMDD() returns today's date
#there are 252 trading days each year

def yearstart = getyear() * 10000 + 101;
def tradedays = countTradingDays(yearstart, GetYYYYMMDD());
def closeEOY = getvalue(close, tradedays, 252);

#def YTDnetchange = ((close - closeEOY)/closeEOY) * 100;
def YTDnetchange = ((close - closeEOY)/closeEOY);

#YTDnetchange could have been the plot line, however to view results with a limited number of decimal places that line was another def or definition for ThinkScript.  And a new "word" value was used for the plot line in this code.  2 means round to 2 decimal places

#plot value = round(YTDnetchange, 2);
plot value = YTDnetchange;


#AddLabel tells ThinkScript how you want the results of your code diplayed.  Yes means do show the label.  Words or sybols in " " will appear with your label. 
#This label could have been created complicated using concat function ... or the simplified method of using a + sign between values and text you want to appear in the label

#AddLabel(yes, value + "% YTD", color.BLACK);
AddLabel(yes, AsPercent(value) + " YTD", color.BLACK);

#any watchlist column label can be quickly converted into a chart label via copy/paste/tweak into a new chart Study or Strategy.  HOWEVER AssignBackgroundColor on a chart label will change entire background of the chart when condition is met
input showbackgroundcolor = yes;
AssignBackgroundColor(if showbackgroundcolor then if value < 0
     then Color.RED
     else if value > 0
     then Color.GREEN
     else color.LIGHT_GRAY else color.current);


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@eugchen You sure?



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Please use the Search feature prior to asking questions... What you are looking for quite possibly already exists, or you may find something that would work as a good starting point... 💡

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