YTD (Year to Date) Return Label for ThinkorSwim


Anyway to get a week to date chart label? So specifically, id like a label on the chart that shows the performance assuming monday start to current price. so lets say Monday open on a stock is $100, and now its wed and stock is $110. id like a label saying "WTD: 10%"

someone suggested a code like this for me, but doesnt seem to work right.

#use on daily aggregation only   
def newweek = getweek() != getweek()[1];
def openweek= if newweek then close else openweek[1];
def wtdchange = ((close-openweek)/openweek)*100;
addlabel(yes, "WTD %Change " + AsPercent(wtdchange));

On a similar question, what about a year to date label?
This will give you the YTD and MTD return as labels on your chart. It should be easy to change one of them to display Week to Date return.

# YTD Return
# Mobius
# 06.15.2015

declare hide_on_intraday;

input price = close;
input length = 1;
input displace = 0;
input Show_Labels = yes;

def newyear = if getYear() != getYear()[1] then 1 else 0;
def newmonth = if getMonth() != getMonth()[1] then 1 else 0;
def yo = compoundValue(1, if newyear then open else yo[1], open);
def mo = compoundValue(1, if newmonth then open else mo[1], open);
def yearopen = yo;
def monthopen = mo;
def SMA = Average(price[-displace], length);
def yochange = (sma - yearopen) / yearopen ;
def mochange = (close - monthopen) / monthopen;

AddLabel(Show_Labels, concat("Year % change = ", AsPercent(yochange)), color.white);
AddLabel(Show_Labels, "Month % change = " + (AsPercent(mochange)), color.white);

Here is another one by Paris in the thinkScript Lounge. Percent Change YTD for watchlists.

# percent change YTD as custom column on watch list

# Script created by TOS that show year to date percentages.
# This is setup for watchlists. zzz modified them to make the
# background color optional, in this case for charting, it is "no".

#def allows you to teach ThinkScript new "words" that you can reference later in your code
#GetYYYYMMDD() returns today's date
#there are 252 trading days each year

def yearstart = getyear() * 10000 + 101;
def tradedays = countTradingDays(yearstart, GetYYYYMMDD());
def closeEOY = getvalue(close, tradedays, 252);

#def YTDnetchange = ((close - closeEOY)/closeEOY) * 100;
def YTDnetchange = ((close - closeEOY)/closeEOY);

#YTDnetchange could have been the plot line, however to view results with a limited number of decimal places that line was another def or definition for ThinkScript.  And a new "word" value was used for the plot line in this code.  2 means round to 2 decimal places

#plot value = round(YTDnetchange, 2);
plot value = YTDnetchange;


#AddLabel tells ThinkScript how you want the results of your code diplayed.  Yes means do show the label.  Words or sybols in " " will appear with your label. 
#This label could have been created complicated using concat function ... or the simplified method of using a + sign between values and text you want to appear in the label

#AddLabel(yes, value + "% YTD", color.BLACK);
AddLabel(yes, AsPercent(value) + " YTD", color.BLACK);

#any watchlist column label can be quickly converted into a chart label via copy/paste/tweak into a new chart Study or Strategy.  HOWEVER AssignBackgroundColor on a chart label will change entire background of the chart when condition is met
input showbackgroundcolor = yes;
AssignBackgroundColor(if showbackgroundcolor then if value < 0
     then Color.RED
     else if value > 0
     then Color.GREEN
     else color.LIGHT_GRAY else color.current);

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@eugchen You sure?

i'm not sure how far back you want to look back.
in your 1st sentence, you mention YTD , year to date. which implies a change since the beginning of the year.
later you mention looking back to jan 19 , 2021 ?? which implies 1 year ago.

the study is looking at data from the 1st trading day of the year, so YTD.

then this
... 58.44/30.5= 91% drop. which is wrong. 58.44 to 30.50 is a 48% drop.
... at 33.47 on jan 3 2022 = 33.47/30.5 = 9.7%. 33.47 to 30.5 is a 8.9% drop


to test your study, i copied it into a column. i set the time to day.

i set it to the most basic version it could be.
i changed it to plot just counter2, so i could see what index it was using.
the numbers in the column came out to 10. 10 days before today was the first day of the year.
that part is working.
def date = getYear();
def JanFirstClose = fold counter2 = 0 to 255
  while date == Date[counter2]
  do counter2;
plot z = JanFirstClose;

then i changed it so it just displayed the close price of x bars ago. (now i know it to be 10 bars ago, jan 3)
i compared the column numbers of several stocks, to chart bars and verified the prices are from jan 3.
def date = getYear();
def JanFirstClose = fold counter2 = 0 to 255
  while date == Date[counter2]
  do close[counter2];
plot z = JanFirstClose;

it is getting the correct daily close price, of the first trading day of the year.
so either that isn't the date you think it is or your % math is wrong.
How can I create a percent return calculation for a two, three, ...five year period?
How can I create a percent return calculation for a two, three, ...five year period?
Can someone add 1Y, 3Y and 5Y % returns to BenTen Script? Thanks
This is a YTD script. The logic can't be applied to prior years.

You could post a request in the Question Forums.
Sounds like something you may have to post a picture of to explain what you are trying to accomplish with a more detailed explanation.
IE: percentage of what? Year to year? Each year to current? etc…
Unsure of how to upload screenshots to the forum, Here are directions.
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