You do NOT have to be a coder to be a valuable member of the forum


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Trust me, I have tried learning to code, not just thinkscript but other languages too but I have realized that coding is simply not for me. So I try to contribute to this great community in other ways and will be sharing more about my strategy when I have collected enough data to show the results. There are other ways to give back to the community, for example sharing strategies, ideas for studies etc.
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Trust me, i´ve tried learning to code, not just thinkscript but other languages too but i´ve realised that coding is simply not for me. So i try to contribute to this great community in other ways

Me too. My brain does not process logic the way Thinkscript requires. And I find EasyLanguage anything but easy. I won't embarrass myself by telling you how long it took me to make a custom label and get it to spit out the correct value. It took a LONG time! But that's all I can do. I've tried and tried to get the darn thing to change color based on the indicator value, but I just can't get it to work. It's like a foreign language. Some people pick them up with ease. Others don't. I admire polyglots. And I admire coders. But I'm honest enough to admit that it's unlikely I'll ever become either one. But I can still be a profitable trader, and that's what matters to me in the end :)

Happy trading.
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I don't think this forum should be for coders only, there's a reason that we have 5 different forum categories. I appreciate all the effort and time everyone here has put into sharing their many different methods and ideas. That's what makes useThinkScript so enjoyable. I understand the struggle it is to learn thinkscript - I'm self taught, and there's a lot of things that I still cant code or dont understand - so I come here to help others learn what I do know, and share with those that find it difficult. This forum would become very boring and useless if all we did here was post code and criticize anyone who came either for assistance or to learn.

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